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Dammit Clean, I finally have to say something bad about the coverage. Your interview with the skipper of Vitesse could have easily been labeled "Dear Quantum, may I lick your ball sack?" I know there's been a lot of threads lately accusing SA of becoming a corporate whore, and you weren't helping the situation with that interview.

Otherwise... awesome coverage!!! keep it up.



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I understand your comment Bow Monkey, but Q is 1st and 3rd in that fleet so I'm going to give them the lurve.
I had planned to call bullshit on that answer, and ask you to provide the same interview to the all the other class leaders...

but screw that nonsense. Go find out the details on the shooting. I hope everyone's alright.

Hey Clean try and get some close up shots of Mo "Mother Ocean" the O'day 40 and some vid if you can. I want to see who is on her. Also Rick the owner of Mo would make a very interesting interview throw Espo in there with him and you might win an Oscar. Rick also owns a J29 He and Espo go way back. Espo always had something to say about the O'day 40. So it's pretty funny they are racing PHRF against each other.
See what you can do...

Great work so far, keep it up!
Holy shit He lives!

Need an XS update - How's it going?
If anyone is interested... there was some good footage on TP2 of XS immediately before, and immediatley after the gear failure yesterday.

Bummer that Tucker and crew missed the break itself:

I got 4 mins into that video and with Tucker's gay commentary, had to go wash my mouth out.

Just keep the volume down.

The J35 looked good vs the 109...............

Today was better than yesterday... nothing broke. Nailed both of the starts and felt good off the line. Just cant seem to hold on though. Needed, IMO, to go to our jenny but stuck with the blade. In the puffs i feel like we made so major gains compared to RUSH, but just couldnt hang on in some of those huge holes up the first beat. Our chute is killing us right now, we cant use our runner because of the 3sec phrf hit... but in retrospect it might have been a good idea. we are consistently 10deg higher than RUSH and slower on the runs. Upwind, if we dont find every hole and misplaced shift, we can hang on ok. But god we were out of phase today. Coincidentally, i think they had a similar problem to us with the roller furler and ended up having to drop as well.

BTW, huge, i mean HUGE fucken props to the Harken tech team for helping us get back on the water today after our torque tube shit itself. The headstay was 100% jammed yesterday and just locked up. Couldnt unroll the jib at the LM. They spent i think about 4-5hours working on it last night in the wind and cold getting it ready to go so we could go play today. huge fucken props. Also, big props and thanks to the local boys (local to me anyway) on Mother Ocean for having an extra prefeeder, for whatever reason, handy for us when ours fell off the forestay! god that was lucky...

edit: oh man, hope there is a mistake someplace, Clean.

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Dude we live just up the road this week and I walked by like 10 mins ago and there was nothing going on weird? I hope that is was not a sailor



For the record keeping... I saw 216-228 users on line for most of the day today.Still the best coverage that there is.

Thanks to all.
I get a cool list of everyone watching over the day - it is massive! I'd actually love to know more about the way people watch OTWA - obviously there are a bunch of you that just click "refresh" all day, and then we get a few thousand viewers who read the report from cover to cover at night, but what about the rest of you?
I click 'refresh' while sitting at home work searching for a job. Following this sure beats the lame job pickings..... Keep up the good work!!!
Fixed it...

It's true. Not sure whether it was a sailor or if the sailors were just witnesses. Going to find out shortly.
That's sure not good. Will also change the mood of the week if it's a sailor.



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The J35 looked good vs the 109...............
Easy there Whippa Snappa. The 'blue' one will have to get you when you get back! (remember a couple of weeks ago just south of the Skyway?)

Good to see you were going better today. You got a full load of crew or are are you 1-2 short? Too bad my 200 lbs+ couldn't have been down there to lend a hand.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. Hang in there.



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Geat interview with Onorato. He has always come across as a nice genuine down to earth guy and this interview only backs that up. Hope to see some info about the shooting soon.