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Nice to see the US Coast Guard is still using my Weather page for their search and rescue. I found a uscg.mil address in my log around 5:35AM. They were very instrumental in developing the service in the first place. I added many features for them. The way the page is set up is characteristic of the things they asked for. I wondered if they were still using it and I appreciate the link to this rescue which has answered that question.

They really use the full set of features of the weather page. For those that are interested here is what they were looking at although this is updated to now and is not what they saw at 5AM.





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Boat looks sort of familiar, an IMS 43?


Scrub that, found it.

N/M 43, built at Carroll marine.
That boat was sitting unsailed at our club for years before we left. I don't know if it moved after 2012, but when I started racing around 2000-2001 Sedona had pretty much stopped - at least she never raced in anything I did around the region. She was tended in the slip, not abandoned, but not sailed and kept to standards for that that I am aware of.

I'm sure the boat could have been brought back to off shore capabilities given time and money, but I would have been VERY hesitant to take it off shore without a serious work over on the rig, sails, engine, chainplates, etc. It doesn't sound like these guys gave much thought to any of that.

Never mind sailing off into a blizzard.

Ooopps, sorry about that from us here in Oz.

Not sure what they were thinking.

Hey Reg even had his Cert II in Maritime Operations from the Oz Volunteer Coast Guard.


Poor judgement on the storm season there I guess?

What could go wrong?

Found this on cruisers forum too, Oh.




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The boat was at Clark boatyard, where I keep my boat, for the past few years. All the gel coat had peeled off, so it was just bare fiberglass. I talked to these guys on the dock last week, sails didn't look great, and they were determined to leave because they were sick of the snow, never mind the forecasted blizzard.



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I respect Aussies as some of the best sailors on the planet.

Maybe the word "Blizzard" doesn't translate in Aussie.

Not like the storm was a secret.



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I'm in the Philadelphia, PA area. Oddly enough the local news guys interviewed the CG, who asked us boat folks to stay in for the storm. Tonight I see that the Chesapeake Bay is missing 4 feet of water because the wind has been blowing from the north forever.



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Yeah, it was basically a hurricane up here, but Friday and Saturday were really mild. Maybe they thought they could get out in front of it and pushed the engine too hard trying to get south.



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Saturday morning in mid-coast CT was -3F at 6 am....

Friday afternoon in Douglas MA was 5F

Not sure how RI was mild. Strange how the air moves around.

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No mention of taking on water or even dismasted.

So is this another example of rescue for convenience?

Sure, it must have been all kinds of unpleasant, but you did get yourself out there. Wasn't it Moitessier who said "you should at least have the decency to drown quietly, like a gentleman"? Maybe that's going too far, but at least have the decency to carry on until it is untenable and there is risk of life?

Maybe there was that risk, I wasn't there, I would probably be the first to cry "Help me Mr. Wizard" but still....

Seems like maybe the CG should implement a system where if you've done something really stupid, you should have to pay the bill. Isn't there something like that for forest fires?


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