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That's a real shame and a true loss to all who love boats, building boats and building or fixing just about anything.



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How's this. 7 PM Gougeon time on Friday the 21st, everybody who has a supply of West Epoxy pumps a stroke of resin and one of hardener in a cup and just stands and stirs it until it hardens. With the fast hardener in a warm room that oughta be about 15 minutes.

and he certainly deserves a special extra fifteen minutes of fame.

Can somebody take this and roll with it so it actually happens????

Let's each mix a cup of GOOOOge for Jan.

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This is very sad news. I love Jan's designs! He was one of the most creative and down to earth designers I have met. He was a fearce competitor, and very willing to share his knowledge with the rest of the fleet. I have no doubt his legacy will be proudly carried by the folks at WEST, but his creativity and enthusiasm will be deeply missed in the sailing community.

Jan was a great inspiration to me and my brother. He was just as excited to tell us about his latest project "Strings" when we stopped by the boat shop as he was when I was there as a kid watching him build Tornados and Golden Dazy. He was always so helpful, pleasant and fun to be around (especially after races). He will be missed by many.

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