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The Nazi Rot Goes Deeper Than Trump

By Joe Conason

December 2, 2022

For anyone who wants to understand why Nazis like Kanye West and Nick Fuentes so brazenly spew their hatred, it is not enough to blame their dinner host, former President Donald Trump — although he bears enormous responsibility for the fascist surge of recent years. While the former president has long felt free to exploit hatred as a political tool while encouraging the racists and antisemites who revere him, he is far from alone.

What might once have been little more than a temporary embarrassment has become a deadly trend because Republican leaders have accepted and even embraced Trump's Nazi-coddling attitude. Their mumbling answers to questions about Trump, his buddy "Ye" and the raging little bigot Fuentes have exposed their complicity — as when they pretend to rebuke antisemitism without daring to mention Trump's name.

Indeed, the politicians who currently wield the most influence in the GOP, such as Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — along with many if not all of their friends in the so-called House Freedom Caucus — are just as eager to weaponize hate as Trump himself. Greene herself is notorious for promoting conspiracy theories about Jews, as well as for her own grinning dalliance with Fuentes.


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Judge Rules DeSantis Violated First Amendment by Ousting Reform Prosecutor but Declines To Reinstate Him

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis violated the First Amendment and the Florida Constitution when he suspended a progressive Tampa-area state attorney, a federal judge ruled today, but the judge found he did not have the authority to reinstate the prosecutor.

U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Florida Robert Hinkle pilloried the DeSantis administration's flimsy justifications and partisan motivations for suspending Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, one of the most prominent progressive prosecutors in the state.

"In short, the controlling motivations for the suspension were the interest in bringing down a reform prosecutor—a prosecutor whose performance did not match the Governor's law-and-order agenda—and the political benefit that would result," Hinkle wrote in his order. "The actual facts—whether Mr. Warren actually had any blanket nonprosecution policies—did not matter. All that was needed was a pretext to justify the suspension under the Florida Constitution."

However, although Hinkle found that the DeSantis administration's reasons for removing Warren were specious and included protected First Amendment speech—such as being affiliated with the Democratic Party progressive megadonor George Soros—DeSantis would have removed Warren anyway for unprotected conduct. Hinkle also ruled that as a federal judge, he had no authority under the 11th Amendment to grant Warren relief in a dispute against the state over a violation of state law. Hinkle dismissed the lawsuit.


During the September trial in Warren's lawsuit, it became clear that the DeSantis administration's investigation mostly consisted of asking Florida sheriffs and police chiefs which state attorney they disliked the most. The so-called nonprosecution policies that DeSantis cited, Hinkle found, were rather routine exercises of prosecutorial discretion.

"The record includes not a hint of misconduct by Mr. Warren. So far as this record reflects, he was diligently and competently performing the job he was elected to perform, very much in the way he told voters he would perform it," Hinkle wrote. "He had no blanket nonprosecution policies. Any minimally competent inquiry would have confirmed this. The assertion that Mr. Warren neglected his duty or was incompetent is incorrect. This factual issue is not close."

He lost the case but at least the judge recognized that $oro$' $peech is protected under the first amendment.

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