Emirates Team New Zealand.

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Fuck off Michael Fay, if there was all this money for a defence where was yours?

I will only remember Fay for tying up the AC in court and an A-grade ass whoopin' by the Cat in 1988. No one will miss him at RNZYS


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Did David Ritch&White also resign his RNZYS membership as a sign of solidarity with his partner in crime.


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I thought the statements from Fay were very straight forward and sincere. The current iteration of Team NZ doesn't exist without all of the ground work and fan support from all of the others that built the foundations in NZ. Sure Grant has had success, but he would never have done it without the support of the NZ people and government. Never without the dedication and growth of sailing through the years.

For the fan, the whole point of following the local team is that you feel a connection, loyalty and pride for the team beating the rest of the world with homegrown ingenuity and talent. More so than anywhere else, that was the story of NZ in the AC. It was something that was envied by most other teams.

Now you have Nothing! Grant sold out the fans, businesses and taxpayers by moving the major event offshore. Who else would ever do that? refuse to host the quarter, semi and championship finals for a major world class event. Would you allow the Rugby team to do it? Would you allow your club to refuse to host the World Cup?

Grant is even building all of the AC40's in China as another slap in the face to the NZ boat building industry. As the "rules" maker, they had the ability and time to specify the boats be built anywhere in the world. There are those that will say: "but we do not have the capacity to build those boats". And why is that? Because no one places the orders, not even the most high profile sailing team in the country, Can you imagine how it would help the NZ boat industry if the AC40's became a popular one design fleet sail boat and they were all made in NZ? We could use that excuse and buy everything from China and just watch all of the home industries crumble away. Sometimes you have to put principles in front of making the most money. Sometimes you need to give support to those who helped you grow into who you are today.

This is a monumental slap in the face to all NZ fans and those that are conned into believing that it is the best outcome are the same as the Trumpers that have been manipulated into believing the Big Lie. They root for their "leader" never realizing how much it has destroyed the values they claim to hold.


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It doesn't sound like Sir Mike was ever going to give Dalts $!

Sir Michael said they had not spoken to Dalton directly either.

"I don't think Dalton is going to listen to anybody.

"I think he set his mind before the regatta, before the win.

"But the bottom line here is he sailed for New Zealand. Team New Zealand was what it was called."
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"But the bottom line here is he sailed for New Zealand. Team New Zealand was what it was called."
Except it wasn't. It was called Emirates Team New Zealand.

Which set the tone. No national team carries the prefix of the sponsor, let alone a sponsor which effectively is another country


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These guys obviously have the right to their opinions and it's no surprise they hold these ones. Anyway, an interesting wrinkle is where Fay says (itals mine)

"The Cup does not belong to the vessel or the owner of the vessel that wins. It belongs to the Club who can only select the courses. It can not change the venue and go elsewhere."

He makes a distinction between courses and venue.