Emirates Team New Zealand.


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😂😂😂😂 there is revisionist bullshit then there is what you wrote.

how’s the base hunting going in Valencia? Any reason they don’t want to be in Barcalona where the event is? 😂


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Interesting development: TNZ has approached Auckland City Council about the prospect of an ACWS in Auckland.
What an arrogant asshole!

It is like a guy trying to get his ex-girlfriend to buy him dinner and hook-up before he gets married to his fiancé. And asking it in a condescending way of "come on, be reasonable".....


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Sounds like an outreach that happened back in April. It also includes this:

An Auckland Council spokesperson also confirmed they had checked with Stabback's office and said: "as far as we're aware there has been no further discussion or correspondence between Jim and Mr Dalton"


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At this point it looks like there will be just 2 ACWS events, one in Cagliari and then one in Barcelona not long before the CSS.


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KSA and UAE continue to win friends and influence people. 3 Democrats have raised a bill in US to withdraw troops and missile defence systems from the area in response to those countries supporting OPEC proposals to reduce oil production and thus raise prces
4.00pm.nzt, the place will be busy in 1 - 2 mths , there won't be room to move.





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New Zealand




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Herald puff piece today:

America's Cup: Team New Zealand 'in a very strong position' but say individual roles are a long way from being defined​

Changes to specifications of the AC75s designed for the next America's Cup mean Team New Zealand are a long way from identifying what roles individuals will play on the water in Barcelona in 2024, despite adding another helmsman to their stable. The defenders made a big splash by signing decorated sailor Nathan Outteridge to work alongside long-time helmsman Peter Burling, with some thinking it was an indication the team was looking into running a dual-helmsman setup.

Outteridge brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, with plenty of experience – and success – in foiling classes, including the one-design foiling F50 catamarans raced in SailGP. But despite adding another star to their ranks, there is plenty of water to go under the bridge before individual roles are defined, with the number of crew onboard reducing from 11 to eight for the new campaign posing a new challenge. "There is a huge amount of sailing and design work to do before decisions like single or dual helmsman are finalised," a Team New Zealand spokesperson said. "But either way, we are in a very strong position to have two world-class helmsmen like Nathan and Peter on our sailing team."

The dual-helmsman setup was a design aspect utilised by Luna Rossa in the last campaign, with Jimmy Spithill driving the boat on starboard tack, while Francesco Bruni helmed the vessel on port tack. They were the only team to apply this tactic and won the Prada Cup challenger series before falling to Team New Zealand in the Cup match. About midway into the campaign, Team New Zealand have recently taken a major step on the road to Barcelona, launching their scaled-down AC40 late last month. The purchasing of an AC40 was a prerequisite for teams entering a challenge in the next edition of the Cup. Teams can convert their AC40s for testing, component development, and match race training, however, they will have to be converted back eventually as the one-design vessels are to be used for the women's and youth America's Cups. A video released by Team New Zealand explaining how the AC40 works showed it was set up in a dual-helming configuration. However, the AC40 is sailed with just four crew members.

Based on Team New Zealand's Cup-winning vessel Te Rehutai, the team said the AC40 class was purpose-built and could not really be likened to an AC75 – which is where the real design battle between competing syndicates will take place. In that, having the likes of Outteridge, Burling and the cast of many other decorated sailors adding their insights is a big benefit for Dan Bernasconi and Bobby Kleinschmit in their design process. "Peter and Nathan are two of the best helmsmen in the world and are both full-time employees of the team, with the defence of the America's Cup being the primary focus. They are both (as are a lot of the sailing team) intricately involved in the design processes," Team NZ told the Herald. "In saying that it is obviously hugely beneficial having someone like Nathan, Peter and the rest of the sailing team being able to feed back into the overall design process."

As of mid-September, competitors were able to sail an AC75 again, however teams are only allowed to build one new race boat in this campaign after being allowed two in the 36th edition of the Cup.

Competition newcomers Red Bull Alinghi Racing purchased Team New Zealand's first edition AC75 'Te Aihe' in order to be able to play catch-up with the rest of the fleet. While the Swiss outfit are the only newcomers, the deadline for late entries runs through to the end of May next year.

Luna Rossa, Ineos Britannia and American Magic will all be returning to the starting line. The racing portion of the 37th America's Cup will begin in September 2024.