Emirates Team New Zealand.


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Due to the lowered deck configuration, with the two high "pods" at both sides, ETNZ added mainsail area could be not performing at best (Venturi Effect doesn't apply)
Surely the height of the pods is not a significant issue given the apparent wind angles they sail at

I find it surprising that ETNZ's PR team aren't trying to hose down the rumors re TR's boat speed.  There is no upside to people thinking TR is going to be super fast.
Sure there is. 

You want the other side to believe that you have a faster boat. It will get in their heads. They will be overly aggressive to compensate and make mistakes.

  Back in the day, a sailor I used to crew for would wax lyrical on the evening before big regattas about how the boat was going so damn fast in practice , never felt so good, just shit off a shovel quick upwind.   The net result was that nobody started near us and nobody risked a marginal lee bow tack, The imaginary boat speed advantage manifested an actual advantage on the race course.   If we finished 2nd or 3rd....he would never omit to congratulate the winner for great racing and beating us despite our fast boat......"always maintain the fear"....he would say.


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Did he say fairly fast or fucking fast? Re the Gybe. I am sure they would not have forgotten how to gybe and finally did he fall off the boat or crawl off under his own steam? 
I deserve everything I got for that post  :D

Dude is adamant they were "fucking fast" although probably said with much more of a slur as I believe he was actually hosed off the boat.