Engage the Pontoons!!!


Feigns Knowledge
Victoria, BC
Yesterday we had just finished racing and were pulling our F-82R out at the ramp and as always it attracted lots of attention and comments. One such conversation was with a guy with one of those growly cool dude voices:

Cool Dude: "Cool boat - how many people can it hold?"

Us: "We normally sail with two, but sometimes take three for longer races."

Cool Dude: "I bet it could take 8-10, and it might even work better because you're fully engaging the pontoons!"

Us: "We like to keep the boat light so it goes faster..."

Cool Dude: "You need to fully engage the pontoons, it will work better."

Us: "Just because you could doesn't mean you should..."

Cool Dude: "You want to engage those pontoons!"

So there you have it - if your multi isn't working as well as you'd expect maybe you need to add weight to engage the pontoons!


Super Anarchist
Benicia, CA
Dude just got his pontoons confused with his nacelles.
Screenshot 2022-10-03 20.36.25.png