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I get the lips on the stem and the eyes, but what did they do for graphics on the stern?

I spotted a few bad welds and some offset companionways - Doomed vessel.


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Look on the bright side - those damned Krauts could be building U-Boats instead!



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Pretty amazing, but I wash those things were all low-income housing instead of horrible polluting stains on the landscape.

I wonder if they built the Magic pipe into that one?

The $40m 'magic pipe': Princess Cruises given record fine for dumping oil at sea

Ferrer said the illegal practices came to light when an engineer aboard the Caribbean Princess discovered the “magic pipe” in 2013 off the coast of Britain and told investigators about it.

Authorities later learned the 952ft ship had been illegally discharging oily water into the ocean since 2005.

“Our open seas are not dumping grounds for waste,” Ferrer said. “One thing we must never do is take our clear blue oceans for granted.”

A single illegal discharge dumped 4,227 gallons of oil-contaminated waste about 20 miles off the coast of England on 26 August 2013, according to court documents.

The documents also show illegal practices were found on four other Princess ships, including use of clean ocean water to fool onboard sensors that would otherwise detect dumping of improperly contaminated bilge water. Authorities say cost savings was the motive and that the ship’s officers and crew conspired to cover up what was going on.


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40+ "mega blocks". But they are made of multiple smaller sub blocks. Typically block size is limited to the shipyard's crane size


Super Anarchist
At BIW they build the blocks upside down, so that the welding slag doesn't fall on the welder. Then they flip them and weld them together. This enables a joint 40 or more feet long that meets the next section with about a 1/4" variation in where the welds fall.

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