Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

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Wait, what the fuck? My Lapworth 36 rates 150. A 1950's wooden boat with old fashioned full keel, long overhangs, single spreader low aspect main, wide shroud base, the whole nine yards. On what planet do we rate even?
I think many people discount old full keeled boats too much - a least well designed ones, i.e. ones with sufficient horsepower.  For example a "classic"  6 mR rates about 123 in BC and that is a bit of a gift.

For a more apples to apples comparison, the Buchan 37 has similar displacement , SA/D, and overhangs as an L-36 and rate 150 in NorCal and 144 in NW.  I can attest that if they have a decent bottom and decent sail inventory are very tough to beat.  Quite firm bilges and flat bottom on the Buchan (see below).  The main difference is that the Buchan has about a 4 ft taller stick and the rudder and keel look to be a bit further forward.

Actually, a Buchan 37 may have been another decent choice for the Ed given the beam limit, but interior not as nice as the Ericson 35




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It can't be any worse than PHRF-NW. What a shit show.

Some of you may know, this E35 MkII Scot has, he bought from my father.

When my father had bought it 3-1/2 years ago, the Surveyor, the Broker, and Myself all told him not to buy this thing, it should go straight to the dump and be crushed by a Caterpillar dozer. He bought it anyway.  The first year, it wasn't safe to cross the harbor in it. The second year, we started the Mac race, sailed 2.5 hours to go below to find water almost up to the knee and dropped out. The third year, we made it to Mackinac Island 2nd in section 7th overall, then the engine locked up and we lost 6 weeks of prime summer sailing...
Speaking of PHRF and the Mackinac races, Bayview YC and Chicago YC both recently announced that their Mackinac races will be run under ORC: