Etchells bung help please

greasy al

The bung for my Etchells is not standard. I assume whoever originally owned it had the bung hole made larger than standard for better drainage. I don’t have any particular issues with it but I only have the one bung, and would like to get some spares made.

Can anyone give me any advice or info on what the bung has been fashioned out of- that is, does it look as though a standard bolt or rod has been modified, or whether it look more like a one off custom job. 

Some pics attached. No Mould 11 jokes ple….. ah fuck it, you’re going to make them anyway.

Beef out. 5F963919-39FD-442F-B019-E0CDF9D38E68.jpeg C92D7F7F-30B6-4400-B6AC-6C27739431AB.jpeg A6535BB3-33BE-4F31-8097-45F1A6B2D5C7.jpeg



Neither would be my bet. 
google o-ring boss and then get some calipers and figure out the thread pitch. Or take it to a hydraulic shop and see what they say, other than the o-ring should be replaced. 

Is it class legal to have a non-standard bung?  Wouldn't think so; they're very picky.
The class doesn't say anything about the dimensions or source of it- probably because its considered an optional fitting. 

D.10.1 Fittings (b) Optional (17)  Drain hole in bilge closed with a screw-in plug.

There are some boats that exist without a drain plug at all. I've never seen an O-ring on any of the boats I've been under. All those plugs have been bronze. 

For what its worth, I have a similar dilemma and Ontario Yachts will send a new plug for $20+ shipping apparently. If you have an Ontario boat/ are in North America they may be able to help. If you're outside of NA then a local solution would probably be more cost effective.

It’s hard to be sure from the picture, but it sure looks like it could be 3/4” pipe thread. Here’s a similar plug available in a variety of sizes.

As an alternative, an expansion plug would certainly be a capable spare.

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Good thought, but not feasible for an Etchells.

For those who don't know, the Etchells bilge drain comes out of a sump above the keel and exits the side of the keel. It's meant for keeping the bilge free of water when the boat is on a trailer, as most of them are dry sailed. The plug is screwed in from outside the boat, it about 18" below the waterline. 

If you look at the terrible picture attached, theres a vertical line on the side of the keel. That's staining from water running out the drain hole. 




Pretty sure the bung holes on the 11 boats are slightly larger from the pounding they have been getting lately…..