Even the Chinese are protesting covidiocy

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Eastern NC
L.A. County COVID surge raises prospect of return to indoor masking order
Maybe in California
I can’t remember the last time I wore a mask and that includes doctor visits

I'm confident you don't wear a seat belt either until after you go through the front window of your pickup truck.

To quote a famous American, "Stupid is as stupid does"

Texting and driving, too.
"Hell, I've done it hundreds of times, it's FINE!"

Stupid people learn exactly the wrong thing. And then in the USA currently, they cling obstinately to that wrong thing, happily reinforced by Putin's and Xi's disinformation campaigns to destroy America.

Marty Gingras

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So why is it considered a surge in LA County but similar rates elsewhere in the world are accepted and they just get on with life?


Probably best to let the professionals rather than back-seat drivers run the show.

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