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How about a list of the 'best of all the rest' in one place?  Videos with (as much as I love 'em) less emphasis on bikinis, and more on good film making, imagery, or quality sailing/cruising related information. Videos with high signal to noise, and little to no pandering. Are there many out there?

Of course, there's our own highly-regarded Dylan at KTL

Looking for others, though, like this one I ran across today. The guy has only done one video but it is better than most, IMO. No speaking, just imagery and music. YT username "Pandorak" , Sailing solo to the Faroe Islands



Look for 'Christian Williams' on YouTube. Did a couple CA to HI and back videos. Well done with a touch of philosophy and and pleasant timbre to the narration. No bikinis but a couple nice Ericsons.



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I agree. Christian Williams makes decent vids but he's not very prolific. That's ok, I prefer quality over quantity.





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I enjoy Guido Dwersteg's journey from Koblenz, Germany around the Atlantic in his Bavaria 32-Holiday. The video's cover the trip from Fehmarn (GER) to Grenada in the Caribbean via the Canary Islands.

Dwersteg is just an average sailor who gives a nice description of his trip and the places he visited.

Website (English)

Website (In German but has losts more video's)

YouTube Channel

Here is the Episode 1 - Fehmarn (GER) to Roscoff (F)

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Without doubt, at the top of my list for good cruising videos is Free Range Sailing. They do go on a bit about Australian Aboriginal art in some of the early videos, as well as a lot about fishing, but these are clearly their passions. They offer lots of DIY tips, from cooking to wind generator repair. They are good sailors cruising a path less traveled. Excellent production skills as well. The most recent episodes about free diving the Ashmore Reef are breathtaking. Highly recommended.

Chasing Bubbles came up in my YouTube feed the other day.  So I watched the whole thing -- well worth it!  I had never heard of it before, but a few years ago I saw the boat for sale on Yachtworld -- a battered Fast Passage 39 with pen scrawlings all over the interior -- and wondered what the story was.

I wonder if anyone here knew Alex Rust.


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