Exploder AD3 2020 high res pictures

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does anyone has high res pictures of a rigged AD3 2020 showing all details? Ideally even some with opened tramp to see the line layout? I did "documentaries"  like this with my cats before, was always very helpful. As I will soon get my AD3-platform and need to rigg it from scratch, something like this would help a lot (found nothing useful on the internet).

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I haven't seen anything like this but I doubt you need it. You say you are rigging the boat from scratch - who took everything off? You should not need to open up the tramp to rig the boat. Everything you need to do should be above deck. All you need to do is put the mast up, attach the rotation control line and lead the downhaul lines. There should be a block on a shockcord take up that goes into the hull near the shroud attachment point, which the downhaul rope goes through from the mast, and then it goes back to the blocks at the rear of the tramp. The previous owner should have left a "mouse line" to attach the downhaul to that will lead it under the tramp and out the other side. Don't let go of the mouse until it is firmly attached to the downhaul line or else you will need to start from scratch. All you then need to do is to join one end to the other. If there is no mouse, come back and ask for instructions, otherwise, once rigged, open the zip and take some photos so you know what's going on.

The rotation control line should come out of the centre of the tramp close to the mast and is attached the the spanner tube at the bottom of the mast. How that is done varies, maybe with a shackle or tying it on or maybe there is a loop in it that goes through a pin through the tube. Hopefully, it should be pretty obvious but if in doubt, take a picture, post it here and somebody will help.

The final thing you might have on the boat is "over rotators". The base of the mast will probably have "horns" going out the front and there might be 2 ropes, usually with shackles on, coming out of a hole in the tramp close to the mast which go to cleats on the side forward of the shrouds. Alternatives can be a rope that runs straight from the cleat to the mast. I hope that makes sense.

Whoever you are buying the platform from should be able to give you some starter numbers for board and rudder rake, plus the amount of differential you should be running. As for mast rake, this is usually set up with reference to the transom and measured in degrees (simple iPhone app is good enough for this) Zero on the transom and then aim for......well, that's a big discussion. I have read of anything from 4.2 degrees to as much as 5.8 degrees. Maybe go for something in the middle, say 5 degrees.

Final thing to check before sailing is the mainsheet or to be precise, the strop at the back. This attaches to the sail (never the boom) usually by a shackle and which is probably adjustable in length. Set this by hoisting the sail, pulling on some downhaul and then pulling in the mainsheet as hard as possible. If you can go block to block on the mainsheet, the strop is too long. The ideal is to have it so that when you pull as hard as you can, the block is just off blocking out, which you never want. Of course, you can only do this when there is no wind or are in a sheltered position. You can do this on the water if it is easily adjustable.

Hope that helps

Thank you very much, that will  help :) Indeed the lines inside of the platform are all good and well. Only the rigg needs to be set up. It just helps to have some pics to be able to  visually check things up.