Express 27 better than Olson 30 for shorthanded sailing ....why?

I am looking for a SF Bay boat for shorthanded/singlehanded sailing. The Express 27 and Moore 24 are mentioned a lot. The Express 27 meets my size desire better, but is very hard to come by. The Olson 30, is much more plentiful, but from what I read takes more work to set up for single handing.

What sort of work is involved, $$ and once that work is done would it also be as good boat for single handing??




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Not sure I agree that the Olson requires more work to set up for SH sailing. But I think it would definitely prove to be more work to handle sailing single handed. The E27 is lighter and easier to manhandle where the Olson will tend to load things up more. (I remember talking with Kame Richards once about Olson 30's and him saying something like "that's an animal" about the Olson.) The Olson does have a VERY successful track record where SHTP results are concerned.

Having bored everyone with all the preceding drivel, Thumper (see BobJ's link) looks pretty turn key. If you are in the market you should jump on that, fast! (And if you do, be sure you negotiate the price down a touch due to the condensation inside the stern light visible in one of the pictures. I would want at least a $10 reduction in price for that.)



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express 27's get easier to sail as the wind builds, olson 30's get harder.

rounded the weather mark 5th @ an olson 30 nationals, had the worlds most heinous round down, got it back up right to find ourselves in first. the whole frigging fleet was still laid over.

doesn't go down like that in an express.

what races are you looking to do?



I've owned both: the express is a smaller rig so it's easier to handle, and if you leave it in the water it's the only choice as it's vinylester. An Olson is much faster and a little stiffer( heals a little less without a ton of crew). When looking at both be very careful to check out the decks where people are jumping around- they get very soft. For single handing, I get another express- and there's actually a couple for sale!! ( if it wasn't too small for you I'd get a Moore)

Thanks for all the comments. Sadly I don't think I could can get the money for Thumper in time (looks perfect).

DRDNA - Why Moore instead of Express?

Races: Basically anything I can find/enter given life commitments in Bay Area. Farallons would be a goal for next year.



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Moore 24's are the SF Bay Standard for being bullet proof wicked ocean racing single handed machines that are both affordable and highly respected. I raced on an E27 for a long time lots of Farralon's races, coastal cups and other ocean races. The E27 is great double handed, much easier single handed than the Olson 30.

The E27's handle different than the O30 regarding how the sterns are shaped the E27 is more forgiving than the O30 - O30's like lots of crew on the rail when its blowing hard. They do exceptionally well in light air the O30's dominated the Seattle scene for years due to their light air performance.

From a cost and ease of setting up for solo sailing the E27 would be considerably easier to set up for single handing vs the O30 simply due to the nature of the boats.

I like all three the Moore 24, E27 and O30 for different reasons. Moore 24 is just about perfect in every way except its some what ugly deck and small cockpit - great fleet, great sailing machine and built solid as brick shit house. The E27 is more roomy it works well for taking friends out for a cruise, they can move!, they are not hard to double or single hand and they have a very good handling nature in big breeze and waves.

The O30 crewed is a great machine! Lots of fun but demands a good driver and good trimmers as the wind picks up or it will bite you in the ass with a pretty wicked round up. To set it up for solo work you would need to spend some time developing sails that let you depower and give the solo sailor a combo of sail options that keeps it workable for a solo effort - not impossible but takes some time to learn the boat solo and get it sorted out so you can really sail it well solo.

If I were doing lots of solo or double handed on a budget the Moore 24 would be at the top of the list. If I were doing lots of solo or double handed sailing with some crewed stuff and interest in taking friends for cruises the E27 would be at the top of my list. If I had a sizable budget and lots of time to really perfect my O30 gear, sails, and sailing skills the O30 would be of great interest.



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Selling my singlehanded transpac/Long Pac veteran Moore 24 soon. PM me and when I list I'll send you a description. Desirable SC model with much more friendly below deck layout than the classic.

Crc....I'm doing all the ocean stuff on our express this year. Just bought epirb, radio, and all the rest of the unnecessary garbage needed to sail in the ocean now. We do all the buoy racing too. Strong fleet. Looking forward to spring OD this weekend and then dh farallone 22nd and Corinthians the 29th. We plan to do the coastal cup as well. 2016 dh transpac a serious possibility. Not official for me yet but just about. I have sailed on the Moore 24 quite a bit and love it too. Great boat. To own....I like to go camping and take friends out so the express is a no brainer. Bigger down below. The Moore can't compete in that regard.

I can't speak to the Olson as I have never sailed one. For SF Bay only two boats to consider buying....Moore or express. Happy to take you out for a sail. PM me if interested and we can set something up.


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Olson 30 has a stiff masthead rig. Moore and Express are fractional. That along make them my choice for shorthand sailing. Much more flexible in adjusting power without crew wt being the controlling factor.



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Sure -- If price was not a factor. There is no clear info on what a SSC 27 would cost with outboard, trailer, sails and minimum equipment to sail delivered to the West Coast.... sales tax? Import duties/fees? Shipping?

You could probably buy two each of the Express 27 and Moore 24 with money left over for the same cost.

I hope I'm exaggerating...



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You probably are. He didn't mean the Seaquest 27 or Seacart 27 or whatever, he meant the venerable old Santa Cruz 27. Check the Pacific Cup DH entries - there's a mini fleet of 'em.

BTW, the bum is now green . . .



Boogie Van Express 27 does very well in Sag Harbor races and often short handed.

I think they did well in our div in Whitebread last year and it was windy



On why I prefer a Moore 24- It's easier to single hand, as it's much smaller. And the sails cost less. However if you want to hang out inside- get an Express. I can't sit up in my Moore.(I'm 6'3")


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