I started with the age-related eye rot about 5 years ago - distance is fine, reading is progressively more fucked. Reading glasses work fine, but it's getting to the point where my arms are too short to hold my phone out far enough to decypher email, which could get frustrating or dangerous if I lose my glasses. Mulling on surgical solutions - what's worked for people? I don't want to fuck up my distance vision because it's a real help finding the windward mark and guessing which gate is closer etc. Money is not really a consideration - utility and clarity of vision are far more important than saving cash. Ideas?
I'm not an ophthalmologist, but it sure sounds like your eyeballs are no good and they gotta be yanked. 



1mm is pretty umm.... GROSS for a surgical procedure. Probably fine for stitching up a gash in your fore arm, but.....
Depends on the procedure and what anatomy is being worked on - can't lump them all under a single heading. Not all robots deal with soft tissue, vital structures and minimal access. Those that do deal in micro surgical activities, work in the "(or better)" realm I noted earlier.

Lots of procedures involve greater access, larger structures and don't need minute stitching or stapling to induce healing. A knee or hip replacement doesn't require the fine actions and minimal intervention that ophthalmic, otologic, neuro, etc. surgeries do.