F-18 cost why so hi?


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Have you considered partnering with someone? Figure about $12K to $13K each should do it.
No I'm a little OCD when it comes to my boat. Plus then you have to deal with the who gets the boat this weekend problem.
I was thinking that your partner would also be your crew (or driver). If your crew has a vested interest in the program, that's a real attitude changer. Of course, you both need to get along exceedingly well for something like that to work without it ending in something akin to a very messy divorce.
My crew is my wife. We sail together so...
Gulp! You're a brave, brave man. Tell her to pony up some cash or she's off the team damn it! Just kidding.



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Comes down to not much more than do you want to sail as a manufactuerer One Design or sail F18,

Option 1

A Mainsail from a main manufacturer retailing as One Design class and F18, will in Australia costs around $4750 AUD, including Battens and Taxes

Option 2

A Mainsail from Landy (shipped from Germany), Norths or Brewin with costs $2200 AUD including Battens and Taxes

Unfortunately option 2 will mean you can only race in F18 events, as being non factory you will be unable to compete in One Design fleet racing :(

With such a variance in retail pricing for a well restricted class on materials, its easy to see why the price is being held up so high and its not the cost of production
Who sells a main for $4750!??! and who buys one???

Nacra was selling MK2 Infusions for 20K flat for the North Americans last year, a great deal IMHO.

I just picked up a mint 2008 Infusion (14K), doing the MK2 upgrade (3k+...) and Ill probably need new sails for the Worlds (3.5K...) so thats about....20K...Grrrrrrr

Sailing aint cheap, I learned at the NAs last year don't show up to a gunfight with a knife, its a real waste of time!

I sailed on a brand new Mk2 with one of the best F18 sailors in the US, sailing at 400lbs, still pulled a 3rd out of 14 overall in a competitive North East F18 regatta.

In contrast, I sailed my 2002 Tiger with another of the top US F18 sailors in medium air, could only eek out a 5th out of 7. Sometimes it is the sailor, sometimes it IS the boat!!!

Wanna play, gotta pay!! Unfortunate truth. Try scratch tickets!!!!



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it must be said though that the price inflation is quite high after all a few years ago you could get a Nacra infusion for below USD$15000 IIRC so what changed about the boats that a new boat costs over $USD20K. I suppose some of it is what the market will bear because after all when Infusions were selling for under 14K that was considered a steal for a 2 person dingh considering Lightnings, Thistles and Buccaneers were going for, in some case far, more.

OTOH if you bought a new design F18 a few years ago the resale os probably pretty good...



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Great now I'm cheap and illiterate. The only thing I'm worse at than writing is sailing.




The F18 is too damn high!


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