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I think Lando was keen to be outright #1 driver for Maclaren this year but there clearly isn’t a good car underneath him and it looks like it’ll be a tough turd to polish.
If Checo jumps/gets pushed this year Lando has a competitive seat waiting. Horner gets a good driver with media charisma to balance out Max’s belligerence and we get competition at the front. It looks like Toto has Mick Schu in the seat once Hamilton vacates.

What make you think Checo is going anywhere?


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Got it! Checo seems to me to be gracefully accepting his role as Number 2; at least so far.....
We must have watched a different race in Jeddah..
Despite getting hosed on the safety car he fought long and hard to beat his teammate, and was miffed when he found out that Max was getting lower target lap times than him..
Helping Max win races as he has done in the past is probably off the table now, which could be a reason for RB to look elsewhere for a #2 driver..


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Yeah, kind of an old hand at this dateline thing, probably going to watch the actual race live & put off my usual TOONAMI watch until midnight, I can watch the latter earlier on DirectTV usually but this race is kind of a special case.

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A friend of mine took the F1 Calendar and made some improvements! The events with the Red Stars are Sprint Race weekends!


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Jos Verstappen looked right pissed after the race. No doubt he was giving supreme shit to Horner later about not swapping the cars.

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