Farr X2 info?


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christ you are going to need a seat belt for that head, hope its on shock absorbers :)
And the bulkhead just aft of it looks like it'll do a nice job of cutting off circulation in your legs when sitting. But it does let a flat panel cover if and form a sort of bunk surface. 

On the podcast I heard two boats are going to the USA.  Anybody know which area?  Interesting they are not long enough  for the Newport to Bermuda Race.  I think the length needs to > 32'.  
There is one going to Lake Ontario, Hamilton area. (not sure if it's one of the two 'going to the USA')



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Great Concept but looks like it is being marketed first in Sydney then to various Euro events.   Because of the various comments already expressed and the failure of other Farr programs in North America I strongly doubt anything but a meager effort.

More likely a Mark Mills / Melges opportunity for a 30 footer.  I agree with comments I see on other sites.  The Farr X2 might really fit a large number of events post covid.   Great concept just the wrong people involved for success in North America.   Honestly not sure that Farr is competitive in Europe and no clue about other locations.