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Awesome. Can't wait to see this. Got the big screen ready. Cold Tap Beer on the go. So many great boats to watch, the Imoca's , The Class 40's, the handicap boats, Rambler and the new Skorpios. 
And not to forget, the 4 Ultimes for the race record:

Actual, Yves Le Blevec.
FRA 17 Maxi Edmond De Rothschild, Cyril Dardashti.
FRA 73 Sodebo Ultim 3, Thomas Covill.
FRA 80 Ultim’emotion 2, Antoine Rabaste.

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8 hours ago, Fiji Bitter said:

And the latest from the RORC:

New start order:  “The wind angle now makes it fully upwind at the start so we’ve made this change principally to make it safer for the big boats to get through Hurst Narrows,” explained Chris Stone, Race Director of the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Fuck the safety of the small boats? The Class 40's and possibly the 60's will still need to watch out, but they are all pro's and it will be simple port/stbd situations, going with the tide too. Hope to see some good helicopter or drone footage with wet and mast breaking stuff, just to stay awake, you know.  -_-

Not one day but 8 hours to go now:

I think this is just badly phrased. The safety of the small boats with a 125ft boat short tacking through the fleet at the Hurst Narrows is a pretty valid argument for sending the big boats first. 

Having skippered a biggish boat when we started last, it was bloody terrifying trying to avoid everyone short tacking out of the narrowest point of the race course. 



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No way to use the tracker in a web browser ? (it works for me on android or ios but not in the browser)



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Random find this... Was in a café on an island off west cork spotted these on the wall, mad it's been 10 years since 





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Skorpios just can't shake Rambler
I think about 800M ahead doing .4 knots better VMG than Rambler but no surprise really. New boat so many cross overs for them to digest and Rambler 88 at the peak of her racing. She's a solid well sailed boat not holding back. Skorpios looked a little tender to me eye? I'd be surprised if Skorpios doesn't retire with some sort of issue so Rambler still favorite to win this for the Monos. Charal and Arkea overtaken Apivia.?