Favorite daysailers with a lifting keel?


Harbor is built like absolute shit, in my experience. I had a customer with a 5 y.o. 25. Rudder failed survey (delam) new rudder from Harbor came out of the box sounding even worse.


First choice would be the Tri.
I have 2 trailer sailors that sail really well. A Dehler 25 and a C&C Mega 30 OD. The Mega will plane off the wind but goes to wind like..Well it just doesn't go to wind.



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Efsix Not a widespread boat.
Caught my attention long ago.
Designed by Cees van Tongeren working for van der Stadt design.
Efsix 2.jpg

EFSIX and his designer Cees van Tongeren.jpg


Weight of keel: 150 Kg. Draft 1 meter, Keel retracted: 10 centimeter.


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Live on an inland lake so ease of trailering and launching is really important. I really like the "new" classics like the Harbor 20 and Tartan Fantail that have comfortable cockpits and still can get up on a plane. In my mind daysailing is all about the exhilaration and beauty of sailing. A good looking comfortable boat with an asymmetric kite that can easily get up on a plane with a lifting keel would be my perfect unicorn.
Lifting keel version of the Hobie 33? Or RS21 or Viper 640.


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Not sure you know what planing means but in the lifting keel daysailer category there is the Hank Hinckley Great Harbor 26 which has a lifting bulb; should have decent performance not much different that the aforementioned mentioned s2 7.9 but prettier.
b-25.... went out on one a few times. seemed like a fun boat...

Great fun but needs rail meat. Upwind you're on your ear in 12kt w/o some bodies on the rail. Also, symmetric spinnaker needs agile foredeck crew.

Corsair Sprint 750 - exhilarating, asym kite, easy to launch / retrieve.

Yes! Or any Farrier tri.

Highlander 20. Big cockpit, dry, planes w/enough breeze. Fun.

They're often cheap too.

An orphan sportboat like a Viper 830 or Carerra 290/280 can be a lot of fun and bang for the buck. Also, a bigger-than-a-beach-cat like a Reynolds 33.

Don't forget the Ultimate 24 and 27. If you can buy new, and bless you if you can - somebody needs to help keep this stuff going - any of the Seascape-Beneteaus would be great.

Following this b/c it's my design brief too - ramp-launchable, fast and fun to blast up and down the coast with friends, including non-sailors. Small cabin for shelter, and private head for the ladies.


Beneteau First 210 & descendants. Strong, comfy, fast, trailerable with ease, can sleep aboard, both kinds of spinnakers.



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yes, you can, you can buy one... that is wrong..

yes a FS will plane, but there has to be a lot of wind..
This all true, flying sidewalks are the worst, from spongy hulls to rattling centerboards and questionable flotation they are a masterwork of poor build quality. Add in the forged halyard cranks that break on standard use makes the whole boat is a raging poop show. That being said when I built sails those and catbox 22's where customers that were bread and butter for us. I hated every time I had to teach or sail those boats but their owners loved them as much as anybody and raced them where popular like madmen. I also never met one who was a disagreeable person, maybe a little off but always nice. Most of my time in scots was in the GYA so the lack of wind in that area combined with the light air performance of the boats may have colored my opinion.