Favourite Boat pic?

LB 15

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Nofolk, VA
I thought these were supposed to be our boats, not of others, in spite of the way cool ones in this collection. We've got lots of great pics of our Andrews 28 Diablo, but this is my favorite because it was our first doublehanded race, and at Block Island Race Week, our first really away regatta (trailered her up from Virginia).

Cheers, Greg

2015 Block Island Race Week I 968-credited.jpg


Meat Wad

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Fast is fun.  Why waste energy going over waves? 

(Don't let Randumb see that.  He'll off-load a Holstein right then and there.)
This shot is one of my favs, Having sailed the SC and Olson ULDB's in the 70's and early 80's, I know the game.

It took me a long while to track this shot down and I hope everyone is downloading it because  I do not know where the original is.

I actually got to sail with someone who was on that crew when the SC 40 came out.