Favourite Boat pic?


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Classic leeward helming pose, Roeland - now all you need is the pipe and white peaked yachting cap...
Haha, knew someone was going to comment.  Just not you though  :p .  Pic was taken off a fast approaching quay side so had to look where I was going. .......  Uhm ... that cap suits you waaaay better on Infanta.

@S4B : That's a Falmouth Sunbeam one design. Long keeled (vintage) day boat https://www.stmawessailing.co.uk/sailing/fleets/sunbeams.php

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My current favorite. 6 guys having a great time in ideal conditions on this year’s NYYC Around-the-Island Race. Boat is an Olson 30.




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I know I posted mine here once before. But it must have been a previous thread on this topic?


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Still one of my long-time great shots by a friend Sean Trew. His light an mood second to none. Early morning shot going through Race Passage at Swiftsure one year: ILC 40 "Occam's Razor" ex- Beau Geste. Likely I was at the nav station when that was taken. Pretty busy time going through the Race.

OCCMSSWTSMRN MED (800x533).jpg

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Just to put this in historical perspective: this was literally what we *dreamed* of doing as kids. Photos of IOR boats pretending to do this stirred this emotion in us. To the point of actually having a discussion on the dock one windless day as 12 year olds, designing the "planing keelboat."  Haha.
That’s what we did too here at the Jersey Shore. It’s amazing to just look at hull design advance over the past 30 years. Looking at my Fareast28R  today and thinking “ I would have never thought that up at all!”

I wouldn’t have been a good Naval Architect and no one would have known!


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yeah she was heavy, built for IMS  , my dad had to build a fast boat , yet comfy enough for weekend trips to local islands . it had every ammenity available at the time . i think the fastest we ever went was on this race and it was 22-24 knots with full main and #3 broad reaching in the overnight offshore from baja. doesnt sound fast by todays standards, but that pig at that speed felt damn near out of control !
We have discussed Aldora before as I raced her as "Delicate Balance" in Seattle. Three full staterooms; no waiting! Two heads I think, a full on galley and salon table for 10. Outstanding boat but a little sticky in light air in our region. Big volume boat but when you got over 10 or 12 WS it became the Energizer Bunny of boats. Just kept going, going, going.........then slowly mow down the competition! Never saw it in the 20's but in teens a lot.  

  Copy of DB4CB.jpg  

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Classic pic.  Again, not my boat, but I did 3 seasons on it on SF Bay.  Jeanneau SunFast 3200 Dare Dare - just loved the breeze.  Here we are charging back from the Lightship Race under the Golden Gate, doing about 13 knots.  Me on the kite sheet, owners Jacques driving and Nico grinding.


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