Favourite sailing quote?


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All attributed to a long term crewman of mine

"Are we men or are we mice" - we put the kite up in 30 knots, it didn't go well

"I love to win" - we overtook a boat just near the finish, it didn't matter it was for 4th place, every place counts

"Ok we won't retire but can you not look at me, it's making me unwell" - I fell down and cut my lip badly during a 2-handed race (half way round the Island)



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At the Catalina National's a few years back as we are passing a boat to the mark on the inside our tactician yells to the other boat


Still trying to figure out what the hell it means.



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Boat work quote

No job too small to take all day

Racing quote

Ahh the old lee stern..they never see it coming

Cross, duck fucccccckkkkkkkkkkk


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When two old IOR warhorses came together on a close cross, the port tacker was looking like he was going to make it across. The tactician on the starboard tack boat asked the helmsman, "Are you going to let him have it?" There was no response from the helmsman.

When the boats got closer, the tactician again asked, "Are you going to let him have it?" And once again there was no response from the helmsman.

The tactitian was growing impatient, and one more time asked, "Are you going to let him have it?" To which the helmsman finally responded, "You're damn right I'm going to let him HAVE it!"


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Light wind the only time you can twice as fast as the competition

You can’t win a parade

And one of my favorites from the Swan 47 days with PHRT………………

We are shitting it tall cotton now!!

Steve Trimble (RIP)



Whidden can kid Conner where others can't, or don't. The day after the Cup was lost in 1983, the Liberty group was packing its belongings, in preparation for leaving Newport, when the phone rang. It was Ronald Reagan calling for Conner. Betsy Whidden, Tom's wife, who had answered the phone, relayed the message to Tom, who yelled out the window to Conner,

"Hey, Dennis. The President's on the phone. He wants to tell you you screwed up."



At one press conference Dennis Conner asked,

"Why would you build a plastic yacht unless you wanted to cheat?".

But it was Blackaller on the podium who set off 'glassgate' when he said loudly to the gathered press,

"Uh-oh, he shouldn't have said that!".



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..."sometimes, gentlemen, ya just gotta fuck with the dick you've got... " T.Hutch

"the penalty for dropping the ball is replacement" T. Hutch

"If you go in here I will cut you in half!" J.W.

"so....hit me!"

"dude, that spray top just kicked your ass" said after witnessing a crewmember in a life and death battle to get his foullies off...the harder he struggled the worse it got...

said between the last 2 races of the regatta we had to win to go to worlds..."fuck, i just broke my foot" me; "seriously? ya sure?" "yeah, im sure, i heard the bones break..."

driver; "fuck, okay, lets go in..." to which the responce was, "fuck that, Ive got 2 feet, we're going to the fuckin worlds, get the tape...."

3 min later....." OW HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT ARE YOU INSANE? OW OW OW OW>>>>>FUCK!" tape applied...last race sailed, regatta won..

our entire crew wears black wristbands that read "HARDEN THE FUCK UP"..... they work.


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Years ago, when sailing on a J-105 on a very windy day in the Solent...

Discussion at the back regarding which chute to put up, big one or little Chicken chute (bearing in mind it was blowing a good 25 gusting 30) - mainsheet (also a sailmaker) to the tactician, 'real men don't eat Quiche'..

Big one went up, what a ride - big big wipeout but well worth it!


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