FBI storms Mar a Lago

Sol Rosenberg

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Feds think some docs are missing- check
Ask for them back - check (some come back)
Feds find out some docs still missing - check
Send out a subpoena - check (more come back)
Feds ask "Is that all" - Trump's representative says "Yep"
Whistleblower lets the Feds know "they lied to you"
Feds, with supporting affidavit, finally get a warrant to secure the docs

Sound about right?
That sounds about right.

Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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earths surface
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this was assembled for mike pence. deep state indeed. TFG deserves what Saddam got.
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The bottom picture cost us tax payers over 2 trillion dollars and counting, maybe over 3 trillion by now. Most misguided goat fuck in human history. Little Bush and his merry band of republican psychos. Lucky for little Bush he is so morally vacuous he thought his presidency was like his frat house in college and pretty much runs with that to this day instead of standing up for something useful.

Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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earths surface
Doug, I wonder ... is it possible that TFG et al are not considered a flight risk because literally no country on this plant would have them?

(Including Russia, North Korea and maybe even Brazil?)

Ask Kim Philby and the others how nice it was in Russia when they skedaddled from the west before they were put to death for treason. They got to Russia and got medals and a few dinners in Moscow and then they were treated like traitors there and shunted off to dachas by themselves far from social nightlife and lived the rest of their lives alone for the most part. Unless you like reading and gardening alone there is nothing in Russia for foreigners who spy for them and betray their own countries. There is nowhere for trump to go that he could live with. Switzerland is out cause there is probably not a banker on the planet he hasn’t burned. Deutsche Bank is hoping he dies before they have to admit they were conned and have to write off loans they will never be whole on. They must be shitting bricks hoping Putin doesn’t hang them out to dry on their Russian investments which is why they won’t stop backing trump. Germany is oddly silent about the Trumpenfuhrer and his house of cards. They are hoping to dodge a bullet.


The loser guy will never stand trial... At least not by a jury of his peers.
Well because the loser guy has no peers.
Well Charles I of England kinda made that argument. The Puritans disagreed and it didn’t work out so well for him.

Although Charles I lost the argument, I’m sure an originalist can find that this is exactly the type of legal tradition of which the founders were aware and by not specifically mentioning the President or ex-Presidents
in the 6th Amendment the founders clearly intended that Presidents and ex-Presidents be exempt from trial.

Dog 2.0

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Here's the problem: Hillary cooperated with the investigation and even revealed that some of the requested documents no longer existed. She turned over the hard drive (remember the hard drive? It never was in Ukraine). The FBI were satisfied, so no warrant was necessary. No double-standard.

And I'm not sure where you get the idea that "Hillary destroying subpoenaed documents is worse than Trump not producing them." Please cite the statute(s) to which you are referring.

Destroying subpoenaed documents is hardly cooperation.

Dog 2.0

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I hates to break it to you, but the very presence of classified docs in his home proves a crime.
No, it does not. The Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute.
And BTW, for the same reason, cannot form the basis for a search warrant.