FBI storms Mar a Lago

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one here who fucking HATES kale!
My wife makes a kale salad that is pretty damned good. One thing you must do is literally massage the kale with olive oil, about 15-20 minutes before dinner. It softens up the kale, both the texture and the taste. A decent dressing makes it a tart salad most folks have found quite tasty.


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I was sort of assuming that the SM would be required to go through ALL the docs themself in order to verify what was gov't owned and what was personal or priviledged. How would the SM know for sure otherwise that the gov't turned over all the personal/privilege stuff?

The point being that if the FBI handed the SM one box of papers and said.... "here you go, feel free to review this stuff" - I can't imagine that would meet the intent of the SM's role. And please don't read me wrong here.... I am in no way advocating for that to happen - i.e. the SM gets access to classified docs. I'm simply saying how does that meet the judge's intent if ALL of the recovered stuff was not turned over?
They can't, like, slip some of Trump's personal docs under the TS/SCI cover sheets and later yank them out and use them as evidence against Trump, so there is no reason a prosecutor would wish to do so and no reason for Trump's legal team to worry about that. Only what survives the SM can be used against Trump. The TS/SCI stuff is in another category laws and prosecution, not to happen until the Congressional damage assessment is made, I reckon.

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Sorry, this isn't about kale, but pretty good new Frontline.

Watched that the other night. Scary stuff. I'm tempted to ask rhetorically, "WTF happened to America" but I know what happened to it. Dog and his elk happened to it, spoon-fed hateful authoritarian bullshit for 2 generations until they hate anything representing American ideals.

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I should post a pic of the fucking kale my wife made me put in one of our veggie boxes. Wife: "But it's so beautiful!" Me: "That's only because no fungus or bug will touch it because it tastes like cardboard!"

I'm sure glad I got lesbians and subarus out of my system long before moving here. A lesbian in a subaru literally hit my wife's car this morning at school dropoff.
I want to make a t-shirt that says "Hi, I'm Kale".


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I did take a road trip in an '88 volvo 740 wagon after my first year of law school. Boulder>Bellingham>Whitehorse>Homer>Missoula>Boulder with two buddies, two adolescent newfoundland (120 pound) dogs, and a sexy blonde wiccan chick. We left the chick in Alaska, and after rejoining the USA and were escorted to an ATM to pay the nice MT state trooper after one of my traveling companions fell asleep on 90 and nearly rear ended one of the only cop cars we saw over a thousand odd miles driving through the state each way.

Wife's car now is a little nicer. Matches dog. Yes I know I need a new roof on the house ;)

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I dunno...There's something about a "Brick"....

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I've been a volvo mechanic since 1984.
Too late to own a rear drive volvo. The important stuff is rapidly becoming unavailable from quality European suppliers. You can't get a real Bosch MAF for most years, even Volvo is supplying chinese reproduction garbage for many parts now. Heartbreaking to order up a part from Volvo at the price the parts always were, open the box and it has chinese shite in it that you can buy all day for 80% less.


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You could write porn! Fuck teaching.
I've heard many descriptions of porn but "Fuck Teaching" is a new one.
After engineering for 30 yrs, I taught in Detroit's worse for 7 yrs, I've earned the right to say my piece.

To everyone, Education doesn't guarantee you a future, it provides you options!
you missed the joke… “fuck teaching” fuck is subject, teaching is the verb.. as in, “hey, teacher, I’m taking your “fuck” class later”