FIFA world cup 2022


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Walker v Mbappe? Ok, I’ll bite: 60 days after surgery suddenly, miraculously?, he’s fit enough to be a major talking point?

I haven’t seen him with City lately but, even at 100%, I don’t see him troubling France. No one defender stops Mbappe, it’s a team effort.

Not trolling City fans here- I like Walker but ….
Brazil divers.


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But one moment stood out to fans who spotted it from the stands: the moment a child of a Croatia player went over to console Neymar.

The kid, who people think was from Ivan Perisic family, went in for a handshake with the distraught player right after the final whistle.

The child reached out a hand for a handshake and the player pulled his head in for a hug.

One called Ivan Perisic "father of the year" due to the child's actions.

Many fans also thought Neymar indulging the child was a classy touch, with one saying: "Like him or hate him, this is absolutely class from Neymar after absolute heartbreak."

Another said: "Fair play to Neymar, he could be an absolute tool in that moment but was nice and made the kids day."

That's great football!


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Let's not forget that Croatia is a really touch cookie of a team. They went to the final last time around. Four years ago, they were beaten only by Argentina in the group stage, then they got the best of Denmark, Russia and England to get to the final.

Then in the final, they got beaten bu that other team... hmmm who was it again??? ahrg, I have it on the tip of the tongue. Someone, help me...


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Interesting: England, France, Portugal, Morocco in the quarter-finals in this bracket.

All four some of the greatest and most consequential empires the world has seen in the last 1500 years. All four empires some of the greatest cultural influences on humanity.
all a bunch of nobodies and has beens ... except for this one soccer tourney


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15 yellows & 1 red on the day.
2022 ARG v NED, 17 yellows
2006 POR v NED, 16 yellows, 4 reds
2010 ESP v NED, 14 yellows

I wonder what the common denominator could be...

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