FIFA world cup 2022


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Tough to get in with Kane and Son combo....
I get stick for this but, Kane as a false 9 playing outside box spraying balls is my take on Spurs. HK has the vision of a middie and that big shot - but, he’s slowing down a tad. One of my fave strikers tho.

Conte I respect but his offensive schemes are Serie A style - which he knows inside/out. I like more pressure on the other end.

Richarlison in box and Son as usual.


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Saquo-Pilia Hensha
I’m not getting drawn in on a Spurs discussion. My grudges go all the way back to when Uncle Harry left Pompey for Tots. Walked into a Starbucks after a bike ride that morning and a bloke was in line with a Spurs jersey on. I blurted out loudly “Spurs Suck”. He had no idea How to react.

I do enjoy watching Son tho’.


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WTF ??
No trash talking between the Brits and Yanks on here ???

Big game 11:00 PST...

My top American today: Harry Maguire

Money is on Harry trips going left and bowls over not one but two guys. PK gives us 1-0 win. United fans riot and the Glazer banners are fought over by Qatari lady horse cops vs guys in King Arthur gear. Epic battle.

Sterling on clean run into box and loses control as he tees up. Later blames the heat.

Foden red carded at 20’. Opens 6” gash on Pulisic’s head . Young Phil & Southgate get into shoving match in tunnel. Harry K in trying to break it up, trips, sprains ankle and is done with WC. Harry later announces move to Miami in MSL as “…I’ve dreamed of playing for Becks..”.

More but I need some eye pokes from United fans to get warmed up.


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By halftime Geordies have had enough and strip down for battle. Deafening roar as True Geordie starts live podcast in stands as USA line up a for a corner.


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