FIFA world cup 2022


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Argentina x Mexico.

The Brazilian live transmission has started on Youtube. Our narrators and analysts are very objective and impartial about this game:

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35 minutes to start. 245,000 watching this live

They’ve been reporting there are 80,000 Mexican fans at WC now. They are loud, passionate and always bring the Fun. WC 2026 here should be a great tournament.


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this whole thing with Herdman is stupid. They had just played a great match that they could have, should have won; on the field "locker room" rah, rah...trhe comment was not about Crotia but about the next opponent. If Morroco was next, it would have been Morroco...jesus, what a bunch of pussies.


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Great Lakes
Because this is a sailing site - A few world cups ago we were prepping for our upcoming circumnavigation. One of the needs was (were?) courtesy flags. Toronto is apparently the most multicultural city in the world and there were people from every country in the WC wanting to show their allegiance by putting a flag on their car. The flags were very well-made, they had to survive highway speeds, about Force 11. The company that made the flags did not sell out and were clearing them at the boat show for less than 1/3 the original price. We got several and they were terrific, enormously better than the ones we got online for something like US$2.50. The latter would last for about a month in trade wind conditions, which met most of our needs. Neither source had the Cook Islands flag which we had to make from a British blue ensign ($2.50). If you are not counting, this meant making and sewing on 30 stars (two sides).


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Our midfield was on point. Tight coverage, crisp, short passes. England can’t play thru the middle with most teams. Grealish is wasteful around the box. Lots of body/head fakes but close control is average. Listened to 2nd half on a Mexican TikTok channel and at about 55’ the announcers began asking the question “… Foden….que pasa?” I’m not sure Foden alone would have turned the match around but his direct style and cracking passes was what they needed. Mount had little impact. What’s happened to the Mount of Chelsea last season? Seemed disinterested at times.

If Kane is not injured then he should be rested.

USA’s lack of a decent 9 is getting ridiculous. We were completly shutdown in the box. No service, no threat from Sargent and whoever. Really awful where we’ve been with strikers since Jozy’s heydays. Dike

Dike may be the “next big thing? Meh. Kid needs lotsa more reps. His size/strength are great but, ball skills? Average. Rough first touch says a lot to me about how high a level a kid will go. Dike has a way to go and, accordingly, our team.

We’ll be a tough side in two years the way this program is going. Our midfield and Pulisic’s in the middle of the park can be hell on most sides. I’m really pleased with their performance today. They jumped a level and the world was watching. Very cool. Small victory from today.

Absolutely...In the US/England game we saw something new and for me, unexpected. In the past the US has been able on occasion to eek out a draw against elite teams and against the run of play (England 2010), but this was different. This time the US had the better chances and England eked out the draw. Totally agree wrt a good number 9, if they had one this team would be a force to reckon with.


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Croatia shows up everytime. Older, wiser, tougher. As it should be played. Modric’s last Cup?

Two-way war horse. Super Mario. Big Engine. I miss seeing forwards who could
press high like he could. Would be cool to see him on the sideline tomm.
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