Filing In saildrive

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So I've removed the sail drive from Special Edition and now have a large whole in the bottom of the boat.

The sail drive mount is still inside the boat and I'm thinking I'll leave it in place for now.

Whats the prefered approach to plugging the whole in the bottom of my boat?



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I removed a saildrive also. Used a piece of foam and layed up carbon, then bonded in place and covered inside/outside with another skin of carbon..... of course tapering it flush on the outside.

Don't know your boat,but when I did mine(a glass boat)-

Laid up cloth on the inside of the hull.

Cut off the motor support mounts to the level of sail drive mount

Filled up all the voids to level of mount with foam.

Ply fitted with counter sink bolts into original holes to level off inside area of engine box.

Glassed to stringers/bulkheads,closed off pipe and cable runs and painted.

Used for tankage, battery and general storage so various restraints, shelves etc fitted.

Filled and faired outside of hole.

Removed some hull glass and feathered in some new.

Faired, primed and painted.

It sounds like a bigger job than it is, it's just dirty and awkward, not hard.



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I cut/ground off the old motor mount oval, then on the advice of a friend tapered back the top and bottom with the grinder for about 3-4 inches. I put mold release wax on a piece of smooth linoleum, then attached and braced that to the bottom of the hull. Working from inside the hull, I first put thin cloth in the bottom of the hole against the lino. The first few pieces were carefully cut to size so I could poke them towards the outer part of the taper which was a little tricky but worked quite well in the end.

After that started to kick I put in layers of heavier cloth, stopping occasionally if there was too much heat generated. My hull is not cored in this area so I went with a solid layup to match. When the layup was slightly higher than the inside of the hull I stopped and let it all cure.

After it had all gone off I ground the inside smooth and painted with gelcoat. After removing the lino from the outside there was just a tiny bit of fairing around the outer edges.