Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

Ease the sheet.

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According to reporting, Trump’s lawyers accused Jay Bratt of inducing a witness into confirming something that the witness refused to confirm. They argued that it was prosecutorial misconduct in their meeting with the DOJ and the DOJ told them to fuck off.

Plea deal...


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He's bouncing off the walls.


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Bannon's testimony choices could get interesting too....

The fact Bannon was SP'd only in late May suggests the Jan 6 investigation has a way to go, compared to the Docs case.

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I disagree. They get testimony from the top of the bullshitter food chain after they have testimony from all the other bullshitters. He isn’t going to talk anyway, but they can confront him with what they have on him even if he won’t answer.


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The problem with Miller's comment is that Trump is too stupid to know the significance of the classified material he handled. Way too stupid. There is a rhyme and reason why we classify different materials at different levels.

KIS can correct me, but in my day, you wouldn't declassify a single document, you'd go back and rewrite the classification guidelines used to originally classify that document. Then using the updated guideline, all materials that fell under that guidance could be reclassified, possibly to unclassified.

Stephen Miller is my top choice for those I'd like to punch. Followed by Jared, and Jim Jordan has moved up in the rankings to take the bronze.

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