Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

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Probably would have brought it sooner.

You seem to be very intent on election law when you think a Democrat might have broken them,

When a Republican is proven many times over to have broken them, not so much.
Look forward to being badgered with this question, including subtle variations, for the foreseeable future.

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A long but thorough detailing of all of Trumps pending legal proceedings, enjoy!!! :giggle:(y)
Thanks again to @Ishmael for the recomendation....

We continue to wait, as Trump seems to be increasingly falling apart on Truth Social.

Last week was a bad one for would-be despots. Let’s hope it’s a trend.
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billy backstay

Backstay, never bought a suit, never went to Vegas

Stormy is making some serious bank on all of this free publicityl!!! :ROFLMAO:

Stormy Daniels


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how would you like to be in a position where you can't plead for a lesser charge, because you will either fall out a window or die a horrible death from novichok? donald could probably provide alot of information on the russian mafia/kremlin, if he dared.


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MAGAts and GOP operatives saying "if you lock up DJT it is the end of the American experiment because you are weaponizing the DOJ" want to get rid of the original American premise of "no man is above the law."

All this opportunistic reinterpretation of the Constitution to fit the politics of the moment is crass and dangerous.

Why do Republicans choose leaders who try to subvert democracy?

Nixon, Reagan and Trump all committed electoral fraud or committed crimes to get elected. I'm sick of this criminal organization vying for power over America.

Offering a pardon as part of a scheme to commit electoral fraud is a crime relevant to our nation's jurisprudence. Prove me wrong.


Is there anything compelling TFG to show up? Can't he just hide in the pink palace?
He could also be dragged out of there and charged with insurrection, essentially life imprisonment, and lose the most important thing he desires, the chance for reelection.