Finally, Trump is getting close to justice


Pretty pathetic that in 2016 these two were considered our finest... the only bothsiderisums here is, they were/are both scumbags..

Yet Hilary testified for how many hours and all Trump could do was take the fifth? At least Hilary had a pair of balls.

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No, Tucker..... NDAs to porn actresses by presidential candidates are not common practices.
I'd even venture to say that NDAs to porn actresses by the general population are not common practices.
It's possible that Tucker is familiar with paying porn actresses to stay silent, but most of us are not in that position, as it were.....

Yep. How many of us have paid a woman to keep quiet about an affair?


It's the melons. I prefer normal sized boobs but still ... one time couldn't hurt anything.

Sure sure. Trump will not be jailed for this is the point.
He should be though. Cohen went to jail just doing his bidding, and no jury should honestly not see this, Even trumpanzees given the scrutiny of their neighbors should convict. The Orange Man is fucked.

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