Finally, Trump is getting close to justice


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I think he is savvy, like a nasty little rat.
TFG did make it to the White House! His complete lack of intellect and ability to lie about anything worked great with the R's superior ability to create and maintain a narrative of fear.

Might have meant "Loki" Lo·ki ˈlō-kē : a Norse god who contrives evil and mischief for his fellow gods. in Norse mythology, a cunning trickster who had the ability to change his shape and sex. Although his father was the giant Fárbauti, he was included among the Aesir (a tribe of gods).

I'm going with giving him the benefit of the Ms Doubtfire.
Belief systems before religion seem a lot more fun. The Christian God is just a dude, a spirit and a simple God.

But a tribe of Gods... Think of the holiday parties!

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So what you're saying here is the DNC has an "ole boys club" where they hand-pick the candidate they feel has their best interest in mind?

Having a two-party system is really working well for us these days - huh?

Umm, no. Less so than Republicans, who have simply shut down state primaries or declared that no candidates can enter.

In the Democratic primaries, the one who gets the most votes wins the candidacy.

There is a certain amount of skulduggery in both parties, but there is less horsetrading now than when we were kids (well, me anyway). This is one of the reason why campaign finance laws... such as not using campaign donations to pay for hookers & blow, or bribes... are important.

Or aren't they??

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They have all been on ignore for over a year. But when board is bloated with full symphonies on multiple threads, with Dog2, or VD conducting, it's just a tad annoying, because there is little else of substance to see......
can't say it bothers me much, if at all. At least I can see that one of the trolls posted. Tommy's disappearing act makes it a little harder to follow as folks seem to be responding to nothing. But, it's clear he's still keeping up the same act. Poor Tommy.


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Happiness is an emotion libiods are devoid of
They are simply incapable
Incessant complaining
They would not have been tolerated in any other time in the history of mankind
Can’t tell you how happy I’ve been since liboid scientists produce mRNA vaccines to help defeat the virus infecting our country, and since Americans turned liboid to help defeat the venereal disease that was infecting the White House.

Progress has brought our modern lifestyle with its medicines, technology and human rights. I guess MAGA means caveman rules to you 😂

Have fun, ya Neanderthal

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