Finally, Trump is getting close to justice


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Who the fuck is tis train wreck, and why is she wearing a pink ballgown in the camera image, but some 1960s gogo dress in the main image?

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Sorry, but Foxy Newsertainment is not a credible source, certainly no more credible than the source who told us about the Tuesday indictment. It is more likely that the delay is over an ancillary matter, like whether Tacopenis is conflicted out of representing the Most Honest Man in the GOP.
Drip drip drip


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My current theory is that Bragg is waiting until Friday, after the evening news cycle to arrest the loser guy. That way he gets minimal press, and he stews until then, waiting for the boot to drop.


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This is why I'll never be a liberal: I'm a pragmatist.

Consider T defeated FG. He's led a lifetime of affluence and getting great pussy which I perhaps envy but has gotten away with stealing and lying and cheating which I don't. 70 years of being a gigantic asshole and crook and nary a day in the clink.

Being held accountable financially on occasion doesn't matter all that much if you can afford it. 70 years of ... oh ... so ... constitutional American fair-as-fuck jurisprudence didn't affect him one bit as far as I can tell.

And all that before he managed to back into stealing the presidency in 2016, then committing countless actual crimes along the way to this very day, however difficult to prove.

The rest as they say is history. And we lived with the last 6+ years of history-defying eye-opening criminality and actual treasonous behavior that will forever be a stain on our country in the eyes of a world we used to lead in every imaginable way that counts. And maybe he gets taken down, or maybe he doesn't. Or gets indicted and strokes out. Doesn't really matter now. Nothing makes up for the actual harm he's done.

Liberalism [edited from liberals] allowed him to metastasize into this alien corrupt thing he is today. And, doubtless, liberals will read whatever he hurls out today on his private "free speechifying" bully pulpit and shake their collective heads with some "tsks tsks", and an "oh my."

Putin would have killed him with his bare hands.

Kim Jung-Un would have him fed to starving dogs in a re-education camp.

But sure BD, it's all about how well you sleep at night. Go with that.

While I'd have not a second of remorse when TFG gets put down for good, I'm inclined to agree with @Blue Crab here.

More specifically: TFG has repeatedly distinguished himself by acts of corruption, bribery, outright lies and general criminal activities in the "development" and "financial" sectors of US business to lock him up for the rest of his miserable life. And that doesn't even remotely include the years and acts of his Residency.

TFG is a career criminal and he should finally face justice and a fair punishment, as his crooked offspring and wider family should. Mind you, the mildest form of "fair" would be banning him and his kin for ever running for any office again, plus locking them up for life while seizing all the riches they have grifted.

Other than that, have them and their grifting exposed, publically, ad nauseam.

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