Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

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She looks like she's wearing a 70s bathroom tile job
Google Lens says:



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Joking about assassination is not funny. I doubt any such thing on -this- forum will attract the FBI or the Treasury/Secret Service attention, but then again it might.

As for the US becoming a banana republic, yeah that happened with Bush II.
So it's not funny because it might attract attention from your secret police not because assassination of opponents is wrong per se? got it.

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While I'd have not a second of remorse when TFG gets put down for good, I'm inclined to agree with @Blue Crab here.

More specifically: TFG has repeatedly distinguished himself by acts of corruption, bribery, outright lies and general criminal activities in the "development" and "financial" sectors of US business to lock him up for the rest of his miserable life. And that doesn't even remotely include the years and acts of his Residency.

TFG is a career criminal and he should finally face justice and a fair punishment, as his crooked offspring and wider family should. Mind you, the mildest form of "fair" would be banning him and his kin for ever running for any office again, plus locking them up for life while seizing all the riches they have grifted.

Other than that, have them and their grifting exposed, publically, ad nauseam.

Trump is broke, all he's done in "business" is piss away his Daddy's money. Trump Sr built up a real-estate empire worth somewhere in the neighborhood $2.5~3 billion. Trump increasingly took over management of it from the 1980s, and specialized in not paying his bills and taking out mortgages.

How he hasn't been nailed for fraud, such as taking out multiple loans on the same property and also lying about the value of a property (both ways... knocking it down for tax assessment and exaggerating it to banks), I dunno. I would guess he hires good lawyers but he also has a habit of not paying them. Plus, when you owe a bank tens of millions, they want to get all the money they can out of you, not see you put in the slammer.

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Who the fuck is tis train wreck, and why is she wearing a pink ballgown in the camera image, but some 1960s gogo dress in the main image?
He sure doesn't look 6'2" in that pic. Must have forgotten his lifts and stacked heels.

And his mousse.


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Suwanee River

Notice there's a rope line between them..... either to keep him from dry humping her on the spot, or to keep her from picking his pocket..... (Not there's anything to pick in those pockets.

veni vidi vici

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It seems these investigators are actually talking to each other.

lol… they are having an extremely difficult time putting this “ ham sandwich “ together
This is nothing more than political theater for the peasants outside the castle walls!

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