Finally, Trump is getting close to justice


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Jax, FL
Honestly you say that like it’s a bad thing!!
The entertainment Donnie’s providing as he flames out is just priceless and I think there’s just a small percentage of retarded enough people willing to get violent for him after he hung all the J 6 crowd out to dry.
Unfortunately, that small percentage seems to be concentrated in congress.

veni vidi vici

Omne quod audimus est opinio, non res. Omnia videm
I really can't understand why they keep lashing themselves to this giant anchor. Trump's done except for the screaming.

Don’t wet your Canadian panties Fishmeal !
I still can’t forgive myself for thinking that you were a SF Bay rockstar sailor.

veni vidi vici

Omne quod audimus est opinio, non res. Omnia videm
Easily possible, but it still leaves pretty near certainty that you yourself are clueless.
Yeah… just keep slurping the dogma
Baffles me how so many people don’t mind being lied to repeatedly.
Kinda like the beaten wife syndrome overflowing into politics.
Deep rooted insecurities in both cases


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Unfortunately, comprehending the crime fraud exception is much too complicated and difficult for the members of Gropenfurher’s kakistocracy.
It is MUCH easier to comprehend,” It is a witch hunt. They are after the grand exhalted one.”

The official source of all truth for the Kakistocracy, FAUX News, shall not ever attempt to explain what is the crime fraud exception or why it applied to lawyers associated with the Gropenfuhrer.