Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

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If the name Trump was not part of the supporting legal argument put forth by the NY AG or whatever his title is, this would never have made it past water cooler conversation

That's why his lawyer Cohen went to jail for the exact same crime... not the same type, literally the same criminal actions.

Republicans are openly declaring that a Republican President... and by extension, all Republicans... are above the law.

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He innately gauche, but imagine how little he thinks of his supporters to do all the faux-macho stuff.
A not really gauche, more like an overbearing bore , but he’s our over bearing bore.
I personally can’t stand to hear him speak off the cuff especially when he paraphrases himself six different ways to Sunday.
I hope he is not the candidate in 2024 , tactically he will be a lame duck and realistically unable to get accomplished what needs to be accomplished.


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The Presidential Records Act (PRA) dictates that federal employees are supposed to turn any records pertaining to the president, vice president or other covered employees into the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) within twenty days of the record’s creation. The Justice Department invoked this statute when they filed a civil suit against Navarro last August.

“Mr. Navarro is wrongfully retaining Presidential records that are the property of the United States, and which constitute part of the permanent historical records of the prior administration,” the complaint read. Navarro had allegedly ignored several emails from NARA requesting the emails.

Navarro has since tried to get the case dismissed on the grounds that, among other things, there is no explicit mechanism in the PRA obligating him to turn over the records. He also argued that “production of such records could potentially incriminate him in future criminal actions.”


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