Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

Sol Rosenberg

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a lot of things can do it to you as well. like being fucked in the head.
I think being religious is being fucked in the head. We started the country with the idea of separating church and state but we didn't follow through. Fed courts have decided the under God stuff is ceremonial deism and thus has become a patriotic secular slogan ... nothing more, which strikes me as reductio ad absurdum, pardon my French.

Justice O'Conner, an Episcopalian and Republican, and first woman and all that was heavily into many of these establishment cases. Fun Fact: O'Conner lived in ... yep, Maricopa County, AZ, nominated to the court by Reagan. She was succeeded by ... gasp ... J. Alito.

I saved the best for last: O'Conner thought that dropping references to the "devine" would be akin to erasing our history. Perhaps CRT really means Critical Republican Theory.