Finally, Trump is getting close to justice



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If you believe that this will be the only Indictment of Trump throughout this year you are gravely mistaken.
AG Merrick Garland and the DoJ will likely have an even stronger case to make why Trump should be locked up once and for all.
Do you think they will try Trump as an adult? Seems to me that might make prosecution more difficult

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I sort of want to gloat. Yet, what this fucking amateur mob boss has done to the world, is nothing to laugh at.
It is just the first one, but it is important. There will be more, but federal crimes can be pardoned the next time the WH is occupied by someone using right and left to determine right and wrong. This case and any potential GA case are pretty damn important.


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Joe "Joe" Tacopina sez there is zero chance that his boy Shitstain will cop a plea deal. Even better.
Of course there is no plea deal. Who is he going to rat out?

Seriously, I don't see either side wanting to offer up conditions for a plea. What would be the point?

Trump wants the continuing publicity. While the DA's office wants to "punish to the full extent of the law".

There is synergy for both parties to drag this out to, and beyond the next election cycle.

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... you left out the Hilary factor: a lot of people disliked her, despised her even, and would not vote for her, despite her being very qualified.
{art of the media shift of the past 25 years: you hate Hillary for the same reason so many people drink diet soda or "lite beer" (which is neither). She does not have a particularly likeable public persona, but she also has had a nearly universal campaign of spite, snark, and negative-for-no-reason press about her since 1992.

Even the supposedly liberal side of the mass media has joined in this game, although I don't think they're doing it for pay.