Not open for further replies. Boat Restoration and Repair.pdf WoodenBoat_sm.jpg Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair

This manual shows you how to do professional level repairs and renovations that dramatically extend the life of your wooden boat. Dry rot repairs, structural frame repairs, and plank repairs using modern products and techniques are among the many solutions covered in this fully illustrated manual. Fiberglass_sm.jpg Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance

A complete, illustrated guide to most fiberglass boat repair problems. Includes detailed instructions on repairing rotted stringers and frames, delamination, keel damage. Also covers fairing keels, hardware bonding, finishing and installing teak veneers. Blisters Diagnosis Repair and Prevention.pdf GelcoatSMt.jpg Gelcoat Blisters: Diagnosis, Repair & Prevention

This manual provides a thorough explanation of osmotic blistering, and detailed, illustrated instructions on effective laminate drying techniques, repairing localized and severe interlaminate blister damage, techniques for applying an effective epoxy barrier coat and more. Final_Fairing_smr.jpg Final Fairing and Finishing

This guide takes you through the final steps of the building or repair process in detail. Includes techniques for fairing and barrier coating, as well as information on the characteristics and types of finishing coatings. VacuumBag_04_Page_01.jpg Vacuum Bagging Techniques

A definitive guide to the principles and application of vacuum bagging techniques for laminating composite materials with epoxy. Complete instructions describe various techniques; materials and equipment.

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