Floriduh man killed by Australian bird..in Florida


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Just a few miles up the road from us. I've been assaulted by their little cousins the Guinea fowl, and that required stitches... I don't think you'd catch me going anywhere near a Cassowary on purpose.



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It seems strange for an Australian to offer advice to someone from the US about Aussie birds gone feral. But here goes…
1) avoid them, leave them alone, don’t piss them off…quite simple.
2) if you can’t, we’ll in the US the world is your oyster when it comes to self defence. I’m teaching you how to suck eggs.
I would suggest a shotgun pistol may be of help..
or something for big game (old Rigby 416) or something for fun like a flamethrower and you’re on your way to a novel Thanksgiving meal (which we don’t celebrate here).


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The chances of someone getting hurt or killed after watching it are remote to non-existent, but the idiots that made it should be put in the forest with a bird and told to run.

Just irresponsible.

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As the guy in Sideways said about Ostriches (after running naked across their enclosure) - "Those fuckers are mean".

Two very close family members lived in Buellton when the film was shot. I saw it up in Marin when it came out. When that scene happened, the rest of the theater had a low giggle, I busted out laughing. They didn’t realize that there is an actual Ostrich farm a short distance from the Hitching Post (II!).



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Can you be more specific as to the "pretty bad advice."
I only watched it once and not going to do it again, but from memory ...

It said to run into the open and the bird will not follow. Yeah right. You have to turn your back on it to do that. The bird can run faster than most people and if you trip it could make things worse.

It said to bring fruit! Yeah right! Just how much fruit? What happens when it wants more? Best not to have any food on or near you.

Best to never take you eye off it, back away slowly and find a big stick to make you look bigger and taller.


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Forgot to mention ... running through or being in the forest where Cassowaries live has other risks like these things, that happen to prefer growing in openings in the forest canopy where someone being chased by a Cassowary might run.

There are some growing not far from my place. You might prefer to take your chances with the bird, that may just lose interest in you. Do you want some seeds?


Gympie-Gympie stinging tree history

"North Queensland road surveyor A.C. Macmillan was among the first to document the effects of a stinging tree, reporting to his boss in 1866 that his packhorse “was stung, got mad, and died within two hours”. Similar tales abound in local folklore of horses jumping in agony off cliffs and forestry workers drinking themselves silly to dull the intractable pain.

Writing to Marina in 1994, Australian ex-serviceman Cyril Bromley described falling into a stinging tree during military training on the tableland in World War II. Strapped to a hospital bed for three weeks and administered all manner of unsuccessful treatments, he was sent “as mad as a cut snake” by the pain. Cyril also told of an officer shooting himself after using a stinging-tree leaf for “toilet purposes”."
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