Floriduh Man's Darwin Award Application

Point Break

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I had a guy who cut his........tallywacker......off with a butcher knife because the man in the TV told him to. He threw it out the window. I sent one of the firefighters (old timer) off the Engine to find it. Boy was he pissed at me when he did. He used the f word repeatedly when advising me of its location and let me know if I wanted it I could go f#^*ing pick it up myself. Then he exclaimed "[email protected]^*ing paramedics" and went out and sat on the Engine. Surprising how little the fella is when no longer attached.........shrinkage.....



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Jammer Six said:
Something's wrong with that story. Looks like an aluminum 80. Unless dude had a dive compressor, no single stage compressor would put more than a couple hundred pounds into it. Aluminum 80s operate at 3,000 pounds and are basically empty at a couple hundred pounds.
Or 3600 if the dive shop likes you.

Yeah, I thought the story line was strange.

What happens to cannabis at 3600 anyway? It just gets really warm?

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