around the bend
...and the oysters are gone...
nothing quite like oysters on the half shell, roasted over an oak fire...that smokey flavor and served with a spicy cocktail sauce...

so now we have to go setup the oyster blinds, rattle the traps and run the little bastards down yet again.


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Try replacing the turkey with eggplant, or pulled pork.
OHHHH! Think about using cabbage leaf for every other layer of pasta. My sister does that, and it works very nicely.
Grounde lite an darke turkey meate, saute w/avacado oile, sweete onione, granulatted garlic, add marinara sauce. Billed lasagna in ussualle fashione, gotte MSA tonite. (Mrs Snaggy Approovalle)
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Linguini with Clam Sauce

Ingredients :

1 (16 ounce) package dry linguini

1 onion, chopped

6 cloves garlic, chopped

3 tablespoons olive oil

4 (6.5 ounce) cans minced clams

1 stick butter

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup dry white wine

Directions :

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, add linguini and return water to a boil.

Let linguini cook until al dente; drain well. In a large skillet, sauté the onion and

garlic in olive oil until the onions are translucent. Stir the clams (with juice), butter,

salt and pepper, and wine. Simmer the mixture for 15 minutes and pour the

sauce over the linguini, toss and serve.

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Linguini with Clam Sauce



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Last nights cold and blustery weather warranted something hearty. In the pantry I found a package of Adobe Milling Moki bean soup mix and a frozen spiral cut ham bone from Easter in the freezer.
Into the pressure cooker with it all. After 60 minutes I gave it a look, needed a bit more water and time. After 90 it was ready.
Outfreakingstanding!!!!! Not only did the bone render out it's gelatinous goodness to give it a Chile consistency but the sweetness of the glaze paired with the earthy, spicy goodness of the spice packet resulted in something special. Served with a warm crusty baguette it was very satisfying.


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Succotash revissitted - browned half pounde of bacon, ounce done add bundelle of asparaguse cut to 1/2 inch lenthes, ounce asparaguse tendere, deglaze pan with seltzere. Add 1/2 cup of sliced shallottes, salt and peppere to taste, pinche of red peppere flackes. Stir in 1 can of corne kernalles (drainned ), cooke 5 - 10 minutes untille warmed throuh.
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A well-received side dish at a potluck party yesterday. Cheesy asparagus with bacon.

Preheat oven to 400°F.
Cook 6 slices chopped bacon.
Trim 1 lb asparagus, put in an oven dish, drizzle w/ 2 tbsp olive oil, S&P, 4 cloves minced garlic on top.
Bake, uncovered, 10 minutes.
Sprinkle ½ cup shredded Gruyère (or Parmesan), add bacon pieces.
Top with ½ cup shredded Gruyère.
Bake 10 more minutes.



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It was 24f when I woke up this morning. Supposed to be the same tomorrow (Then spring back up into the mid 70s daytime by Wednesday) So a Pasta e Fagiole warms the body and the soul..... And after that, a chicken thigh casserole with chopped onion,tomato,ginger, garlic, and apple served with broad egg noodles with too much butter and a chicken stock/ heavy cream / mushroom sauce.

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