Fools go gladly on April 1


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You had me on the Biblical flood report until my coffee kicked in. Best April 1 yet.

Waiver spoof deserves its own thread with spawned knockoffs from Anarchists who actually have to sign these things.



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Every year on March 31 I wonder what kind of goofy stuff I'll see on the FP the next day, and every April 1st, I forget that it's April 1st. Got me again this year until the weather article.



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fack me...i believed the north sails bit and then i read the story on Isler and said no way......

good job this year.

as an aside,

I got an email from a member of my club who has had a beef with the phrf committee for a number of years (who hasn't??) stating that they raised the Pearson 26OD number by 6 sec. (he's in that fleet and that boat is a phrf killer at 219 ....he believe it should be no more than 195, but that's another thread)

he got a few emails before I had to let everyone know that today was April 1.

I'm going sailing today and that ain't an April fools joke.



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Today my friend who is the CIO of a smallish manufacturing company - sent out a company-wide email that he was disabling speakerphone on everyone's office phone and black berry. He's sending me the rage mails.



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Is it bad that the North story and the Key West NOOD both seemed like completely normal and likely news stories?

I wonder if we could get the waiver adopted at our club

Great Job Guys.


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I didn't think that this year's crop was as good as it has been in previous years. It all sounded like the same sanctimonious crap and other boneheaded ideas that are commonly posted on the front page. Either reality is getting stranger, or the writing is getting worse. Maybe I have a higher standard for humor as I've grown up. I did think that the renaming of John Hopkins University was pretty good, though.



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Well I thought the Mud Heads was for real...l might want to use that one at my club anyway!

The Dead stopped touring? Crap where was I last summer?!?!?!?!



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Well, i was expecting something, but I really didn't know what to expect, except to expect something.

You didn't disapoint Scott. Happy Fools Day!



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