For a Close-up Look


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From a prospective Corithian-19 purchaser (if I can find one), I've never really seen one up close and personal, so I wonder if I could prevail on a not-too-far owner to let me come by and drool.  (I promise to wipe that off!  :D )  Yes, just look.  I've been all over the drawings and pics, but have never have seen one for real.  

I'm near Annapolis, MD.  Thanks, folks.



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They are solid boats with a lot of cockpit space since the benches are stick built teak or mahogany. The full keel and attached rudder will help keep crab pots from anchoring you and the shallow draft makes gunkholing easy. A Cape Dory Typhoon has a fiberglass molded cockpit and benches with storage lazarette a but not much legroom to stretch out, but there seem to be more of them available than the Corinthians.