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The best part about being "short time to the wake up" is I can go into meeting and call people on their bullshit. Why just the other day I called a product manager out on the carpet for not knowing their market and doing a half ass job on the product launch, and then trying to blame the lackluster results on sales... My PM inbox was lighting up like a Christmas tree, but the best come from the boss of the manager this person answers to.. "thank you for your candor, you confirmed my suspicions on what is going on, can we schedule some time next week, I want to hear more.."


Everybody wants someone who can cut through the bullshit on their team until it's their own on the chopping block. Very rare for it to be a universal appreciation.

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I decline meeting invitations without agendas where I don't know already what I'm required for. That usually gets their attention to do it properly.
I tend to decline them regardless. Life is less stressful that way.

Got an associate to attend one last week WRT a data migration. I told him to inform them that our attendance at this first meeting was free, but as what they were planning was not covered by their maintenance contract, all future meetings would be billable and could we please have a PO to cover the cost.

Fuck useless meetings, at least I can make it expensive if they insist...



240' been lost & it was in Kraut anyway:
the analog version of the BS generator, in a paper in the early 70s here in the forest nation:
3 colums of 12 or so words each, first column BS-adjectives, second column BS-first syllabs & 3rd colums BS-2nd half of BS-nouns. Lots of permutations-all BS terms like
"ambivalent 3rdGeneration-flexibility" (thats the one I remember)
so: nothing new under the sun.
(& if I remember my 6 (!) years of highschool Latin correctly: LOTS of BS in the various speeches...Cicero, Cato, Caesar,...)

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Okay I get both sides of this argument. But to Ed's credit, there is an entire, well developed industry for flavor checking. Not just for wines but for teas, nuts, etc. Great flavors are often a rich blend of many individual notes which have descriptors. That's why artificial flavors often taste artificial - they are missing the background notes that may in and of themselves be 'off' flavors to most of us.

On a side note, if any of you are in possession of wines that you believe are stellar, but want a third party verification, I can provide a shipping address.


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Ed - it's a friggin beverage, not a Faberge egg.

FWIW my father spent 1/2 his career in research developing processes & products for the beginnings of the now huge Okanagan wine industry - he really knew his stuff and he had the same attitude as me about wine snobbery. He said very few of the people who talked about notes of compost and the like knew much or anything about wine when it came down to it.

It wasn't about wine but he repeated his favourite "bullshit" story so often I have it memorized. He was in a meeting about some fruit process where they were given a handout describing a lab test.

"The apple was prepared by dividing it into quarters along the long axis, utilizing a knife that had been sterilized by dipping in alcohol and flaming".

Dad said "The apple was quartered aseptically - who wrote this bullshit?"

The Chair said "I did". :ROFLMAO:
The approach doesn't always have a negative outcome.

According to Danny DeVito, he landed his role on Taxi by starting the audition by throwing the script on the floor and asking "who wrote this shit?".

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