Former Admiral's Cup winning yacht sinks off Cuxhaven, Germany


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Last night, polish yacht 'Sharki', former 'Rubin' and winner of 1973 Admiral's Cup apparently hit a buoy 5nm NW of Cuxhaven.

The boat was on its way from Kiel canal to Heligoland.

Ship made water and has sunk.

Seven crew members into liferaft, gladly all rescued and without major injuries.


I have the feeling I have been on this ship.

Can anyone confirm that this boat used to be 'Flensburg', sailing for the Hanseatische Yachtschule Glücksburg?

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Knut Grotzki

As a young lad I sailed several years on a cruising yacht Phantom 32 at the Whitsunday Race week from Bremerhaven/Germany to the island Helgoland. We had zero chance against anyone but it was fun all over. First time to be on the ocean and to geeze at real regatta yachts. The Rubins were there and all the other IOR racers as well. They had more winches than a squadron of IMOCAs today. The first night was pure preparation at the Inner Harbour of Bremerhaven Inns and then raising before dawn to get the lock - tides issue. When we reached Helgoland the harbour was packed. Yachts lying alongside each other 10 deep. With some 3 meters tides and the dirty ladders the first ones were alway murky/dirty. Best was the "Südkantine" - south canteen which was an old longish hut with a bar of some 8 meters. All they had was beers and believe me they know how to fill the glasses fast. The hut was packed full of thirsty sailors knowing that at 10pm last order was approaching. Well - you can imagine the hard way back. Pick your row of boats, climb down the muddy ladder, climb around masts and spinnaker packs to your boat no 7 only to realize that you picked the wrong row. After getting rid of some beers back again - back again and try to remember which was your pack. Then down the companion way, searching for your sleeping bag and getting in this damp cotton... Early to rise for the first piss of the morning... An hours later some of the inner boats uncleated the lines and went out for trimming - and the rest of the pack drifting through the harbour. You grew up fast at those times. I need to visit Helgoland again some time...

Wrong boat, that is one from the 80ies. Schümann had 13 or 14 Rubins.
Yupp, On this picture its RUBIN VIII, winner of the Admirals Cup 1985 ( together with DIVA and OUTSIDER).


You can tell by the sail number - this one had 3388

Hans Otto Schümann had 16 Rubin, whereas the last one was no Racer but a Najad 400

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Apparently the wreck is in the middle of the shipping lane and has righted itself so that the mast sticks out. Therefore a salvaging operation is in progress. Here is another pic.