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most of them can see through a brick wall, in time.

Dawg and I went through this with every upgrade since the first. They’ll come around.


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I think you don't know how this works...because you have created a 3rd user this time! I already told you to use the reset password function
Over and fucking over I have done that to no avail. Why do you think I created the third user? It’s a fucking pain in the ass to create a user. I am out of email addresses now.


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This thread is to point out features of the new forum software. Also feel free to make feature requests.

Getting to the Latest Post in A Thread

- When on a threads list, on desktop, on the right hand side, it shows the latest reply. If you click the timestamp, you will go to to the latest reply.

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On mobile the time stamp is there to underneath the thread.

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- When on the threads list, for example this page if you click the title of a thread that you have previously viewed and the thread has no new content, it will go to the first post. But if a thread is bold and you click the thread title it jumps to the new posts.

- It appears there are several fans of a button at the top of every page of a thread that jumps you to the new posts. That should be no problem for us to add. In the meantime the best options are above.
Noice. But who wants to go to the last post? People want to go to the last unread post 95% of the time!

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I think you killed the first puppet so that was probably the problem there but the original user would return “user not found”. The reset email would not show up either like my user did not exist. Could be some kind of IP address white list/black list deal. Too many fails of any kind linked to the IP, who knows. Maybe my browser did not save the new password on reset and the auto populate kept inserting the old one.


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The reset email would not show up either like my user did not exist.
That's weird. Next time that happens please get your IP address so I can check if your theory is right. Even if a user is banned, he can log in so the user is always in the database and it is not removed
when looking through a forum it's now expected

that one can see what threads they have commented on

and those w/o change after their last viewing

AND: in the "What's New" field it NEEDS to have options as to what forums no shits are available to offer

I don't give a fuck about Anything in PA and sending the unsuspecting there

is a Good way to devalue coming to SA to the point of losing interest in participating

there is NOTHING NEW in PA ......... only the topics are slightly changed

UNLIKE the view points in there that will NEVER Change

(how would I know - The Shitter Leaks and PA runs into SA/GA Whey too often)