Franck Cammas injured at sea


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Some reports say he 'severed' his foot, others say he 'cut' it. Are we looking at a difference in translation to the extent that he hasn't actually severed his foot off?

I certainly hope not......



My understanding from ST's link, was that

Son pied aurait été en partie sectionné

meant his foot was partially severed.

However, I think it could also possibly translate to his foot was severed apart from his leg (i.e. completely).

However, please bear in mind that my French is far from perfect, so I could be wrong.



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Literally, the way it's written in french could mean both that his foot was partially severed from the ankle/leg, or that a part of the foot was partially cut away.

It must be noted that it's a conditional form, meaning that this is not considered a fact but hearsay / uncorroborated information / subject to caution.

M - in any case, it sounds serious enough

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More on the story:

PARIS (AFP) — Franck Cammas, the skipper of America’s Cup team Groupama Team France, has “seriously” injured his foot in a training accident.

The statement from the French team did not detail the nature of Cammas’s injury, but a report on Le Télégramme, a French newspaper, said his foot had been “partially severed”.

According to Le Télégramme, he suffered an open fracture at the bottom of the right tibia.

Cammas hit “the rudder blade with his leg” while the catamaran was travelling at full speed, Groupama said.

The skipper was reported to have been at the helm of one of two training boats and sailing in Quiberon Bay, Brittany, today when he fell overboard and was run over by the rudder of the boat while it was foiling at speed, his team said.

His right leg was badly injured and Cammas was airlifted to hospital in Nantes by helicopter from the bay, where his team were in training for the 2017 America’s Cup in Bermuda.


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presumably the T foil hit his leg above the ankle

poor guy

that's not going to heal quickly

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[SIZE=10pt]from news...[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Franck Cammas, the skipper of Groupama Team France, is recovering following surgery on his leg after a training accident. Cammas was two-boat training with his team in foiling GC32 catamarans when he lost his balance and fell overboard. His leg was struck by the rudder. The speed of the boat, combined with the fine edge of the foil, resulted in a double break of the fibia-tibia in his right leg.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]He was transported to shore by RIB and then to hospital by helicopter. Specialists performed surgery on Monday night and on Tuesday the news came that the surgery was a success. Franck has a long road ahead of physical rehabilitation, but he has been assured by doctors he will not lose the use of his foot.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]On Tuesday morning, Cammas was already asking about his team, anxious that they should resume training. He also expressed gratitude for all of the well-wishes sent his way.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]While the injury isn’t expected to significantly impact the Groupama Team France campaign for the America’s Cup, it does put an end to Franck’s bid for a spot at the 2016 Olympic Games.[/SIZE]


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